cats celebrate Memorial Day 2013 Memorial Day 2015 is more than an excuse for a long-weekend, and a few more hours with the kitties, and the mushrooming amount of lawn work that awaits us homeowners for the summer seasons.

It’s a time to reflect upon those that gave their lives in honor of the United States. While we know most of the honors go to the humans, there have been a number of dogs that have given their lives for our freedom. We have no record of any cats that might have helped, but there’s a lot of history that is never recorded. A cat could well have saved someone from being killed, alarming them of an upcoming enemy attack, especially back in the days of the Revolutionary or Civil Wars.

The day is being observed across the country with flags, decorated graves for those that died in service, barbecues, family get-togethers, and a day off from work to perhaps reflect on those that gave their lives in honor of this country, and take a reprieve from life’s every day frenzy, and mark the official beginning of summer.

The cat Lenny pledges his allegiance to the flag on Memorial Day

The cat Lenny pledges his allegiance to the flag on Memorial Day

Paws wanted to reflect upon this day because we kitties celebrate and honor our servicemen throughout the years. And Paws take pause, wondering how did it all come about. We take pause, and go back to a post Paws for Reflection did 2 years ago when Paws asked his mummy to do a Google search, and come up with some answers. And as we find the answers together, we pay reverence to those that gave their lives and served to protect their country today, yesterday and tomorrow. We must point out that Memorial Day honors those that died in the U.S. Armed Service, while Veteran’s Day honors all American service people.



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Wordless Wednesday: Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month: Paws rescued from a barn

This cat can tune into his human's emotions

This cat can tune into his human’s emotions

Our handsome long-haired orange tabby, who has all the markings of a Maine Coon, came to the Paws’ household as an 8-week-old kitten. Little did he know how good he’d have it, as he has become the header of Paws for Reflection, and also has become our Golden Cat, as he’s had boat loads of moola invested in his veterinary bills.

At work, Paws Mum’s boss talked about her irresponsible daughter having thrown 3 kittens out to the barn. She didn’t want them in the house any more. The boss lady adopted one, and said she’d take 2, if she could find someone to adopt the 3rd one. So in she comes with the 2 kittens who were just the cutest. We’d never had a kitten before, and we were still heartbroken over the loss of Tubby (who came as part of the Siamese pair). That was last week’s story, as Paws for Reflection highlights our adopted cats during May – Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.

That would bring the feline family back up to 5. Another cat, but a kitten would be different. And who can resist a kitten.

There were 2 – a long-haired orange tabby and a much darker multicolored tabby with the most handsome white bib. We had to think long and hard. We like the multicolored tabby, but he was a tad shy. And he’d be moving into a multi-cat household. We weren’t so sure, how the others would react, but we’d heard kitten would be accepted more easily. And we had to consider the much older Smokey Blue, who was getting closer to 20. The orange tabby won out, and he came home.

Orange kitty loves to play with his Siamese friend

Orange kitty loves to play with his Siamese friend

Night number 1, the kitten was quite scared. He came to bed with his new Mum, and slept over my neck. He wanted to snuggle into it, and was insistent upon licking his new Mummy’s neck. Perhaps, he’d been weaned from his kitty Mumma too early.

The next day, it was totally amazing. The Siamese, Linus, who had lost his brother, instantly adopted the new kitten. It was like Mutt and Jeff. The little one followed the big cats around, and Linus would give him baths, snuggle with him, and look after him. He had his brother back. This handsome boy turned into a bundle of joy. Because he was little and Yellow, we named him Little Yellow, a name that still sticks today. As the header on Paws for Reflection, we often refer to him as Paws.

My human Mom, who was sliding down the slippery slope with Alzheimer’s, always would comment about how his eyes would glisten as he meandered from the kitchen to the living room. He became our second Velcro cat, and some 7 years later, he and Linus still share their human Mom’s lap, vying for top billing.

Cat Paws' checks out this pile to see if there's anything that can his mom prepare for her 2016 taxes

Cat Paws’ checks out this pile to see if there’s anything that can his mom prepare for her 2016 taxes

Cat is ready for baseball

Cat is ready for baseball

Little Yellow has been a bundle of joy, and we’re sure he had no idea how lucky he was.

Shortly after his human’s Mom went into Residential Care for Alzheimer’s, his Mom noticed he had chewed on an Easter Lilly, she had brought in off the deck so it wouldn’t freeze from the impending frost. The minute she saw him near the plant, her heart jumped, No! He started acting a bit strange – had he chewed on the leaves. She knew this could be deadly. He started to act strange. Was he scared, or had he actually ingested some of the plant.

Paws for Reflection wrote about this incident in ( ). It was a harrowing, scary trip down 70 miles of winding country roads to the Emergency Animal Clinic. They kept him overnight, and flushed out his system with fluids.

He recovered quite well.



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Wordless Wednesday: Siamese cats, a popular breed

May is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat, and this handsome Siamese boy came to the Paws’ household from a shelter. It’s hard to believe such a handsome cats would have ended up there.

All of the cats in the Paws’ household have been adopted. As it is Adopt-A-Shelter Month, we are featuring our feline family all month on Wordless Wednesday.

This handsome Siamese Cat was adopted from a shelter.

This handsome Siamese Cat was adopted from a shelter.

His first mom was a student, and when she left to go home for the summer, left Linus, and his brother Tubby, alone in an apartment with the toilet seat up and a bag of cat food? The landlord found the cats, scared and alone, and took them to the shelter. They were only a year old.

When Paws’ mom saw Linus, it was love at first sight. He had to come home. Only thing was, he and his brother had to come as a pair. And so they did. They would play, run, wrestle, and chase whatever they could, including each other.

Sad to say, Tubby passed over the Rainbow Bridge a year and a half later. He had FIP, and very quickly, developed symptoms so severe he could not even get onto the couch. We worried that Linus would develop the same illness, but he didn’t.

That was 6 years ago, and we still miss Tubby. He was such a love. Linus still runs and plays, just like a kitten.

We’d always wanted a Siamese cat, and was shocked to find one at the shelter. We often say, how could they have been left to fend for themselves. However, it all worked out, and Linus has become a very special cat. He’s a Velcro cat. However, while we love our Siamese, they are not for everyone. They are demanding, and they talk a lot.
He finds the nearest lap to be in, no matter what you might be doing. Drinking coffee with one or two kitties attached is an every day event.

Have you been surprised at the absolutely handsome kitties that end up in shelters? Have you adopted a cat, and found, there was just something extra special about that one? If so, please weigh in on the discussion, and share your thoughts.

Siamese Cats  are absolutely handsome

Siamese Cats are absolutely handsome.

This Siamese cat is a Velcro cat.

This Siamese cat is a Velcro cat.

Siamese cat checks out what's outside.

Siamese cat checks out what’s outside.

Siamese cats are a very popular breed, but they are not for everyone.

Siamese cats are a very popular breed, but they are not for everyone.



Siamese Cat Linus is lots better than having kids

Siamese Cat Linus is lots better than having kids

Cats are just the best companions. They are relatively low maintenance, and they provide tons of entertainment. They give us unconditional love and remain life-long friends. They, like kids, are with us for many a year.

Unlike kids, cats are relatively low maintenance, and Paws shares 10 reasons why having cats is better than having kids.

1) No diapers needed.
2) No teasing for money, no matter what age they are.
3) No school activities that run you ragged for years.
4) No Driver’s Ed and high auto insurance costs.
5) No worry about what profession they’ll pursue when they grow up or how you’ll pay those college bills.
6) No panic when they don’t get home at the midnight curfew because they’re joy riding with their friends.
7) No drug and alcohol addictions.
8) If the kitties are spay/neutered, no worry about early babies or teenage pregnancies.
9) No proms, graduations and wedding bills that run into big bucks.
10) No could have, would have, should have – comparing you to their friends’ parents.

Our cats love us no matter what. And if you treat them extra special, they’ll love you even more.

Do you have some reasons to share on why having cats is better than having kids? If so, please share and join in on this fun discussion.



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HillshiresThis post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™, but (Paws for Reflection) only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a work of art – something you have created with your own hands. It’s from you, not mass-produced. It is a part of you.

Whether it be a painting or a gourmet meal, it is carefully planned and slowly executed. It starts with the basics, the foundation, and you build on it, one step, one brush stroke, one ingredient at a time. We ponder what color, what shade, what spice, what will make it stand out and be a winner, something others will want to replicate. We don’t just throw it together. We invest a whole lot of time into making it the best it can be.

While our feline family may not be thrilled with our latest masterpiece, they get pretty excited about breakfast and dinner. And we want their dinner to be special, meaningful, and carefully crafted.

Through a brand new product, Hill’s Science Diet has found a way for us to share a work of artfully created food that rivals our works of art.

Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted line is like a work of art.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted line is like a work of art.

Siamese Cat prefers the Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted cat food over his human's art

Siamese Cat prefers the Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted cat food over his human’s art

Cats are more concerned about mealtime but like the artistic creation Hill's  has put into their new Ideal Balance Crafted line

Cats are more concerned about mealtime but like the artistic creation Hill’s has put into their new Ideal Balance Crafted line

Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ is made in small batches with natural ingredients, perfectly balance nutrition. What’s better is that it has:

• No wheat, corn or soy
• No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
• Is available in grain-free varieties
• And it’s made right here in the USA!

A team of highly trained veterinary nutritionists have carefully planned ultimate in Nutrition for your pet in a way that you would if you were putting together a knockout meal at home for them on your own stove and oven.

Hills Ideal Balance Crafted, made in small batchesNot only does Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ use a well-crafted style with a slower, small batch process to ensure quality and consistency, they uses the same ingredients you would see in high-end, healthy human foods, including proteins from animal sources: trout, salmon, tuna, roasted beef and chicken.

Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted will delight your kitties.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted will absolutely delight your kitties.

Their cat food is not just cat food, The Ideal Balance Crafted cat products are being made in an innovative way through an unusual slow cooking process with new, unique and custom shapes to maximize appeal for finicky felines. This innovation is the result of many years of Hill’s research into the importance of texture and shape when it comes to palatability for cats. Other high-end ingredients include whole –ancient grains including, quinoa, buckwheat and vegetables like sweet potatoes, barley and peas.

Paws’ mouth is watering, just thinking about all these delectable ingredients.

Food trends constantly evolve, reflecting our growing awareness that what and how we eat affects our health and the environment. More and more Americans are choosing foods with an eye to nutrition, natural and locally sourced ingredients. We want to know what we are eating is good for us and good for our pets who have become a part of our families.

Cats Yellow and Linus give a thumbs up to Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted

Cats Yellow and Linus give a thumbs up to Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted

Hill’s knows this and is very excited to launch their first product line that is made in small batches, with authentic ingredients, while promising the 100% balanced nutrition which you can always rely on with Hill’s products. Here at Paws for Reflection, we are excited too, as our kitty family has found the Crafted line to be very yummy and healthy too.

You can find out first hand. The new Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ products for cats and dogs are available at pet specialty retailers, Amazon and other online outlets. The cat product line (dry and wet food as well as special treats) are on shelves in PetSmart and will be available at Petco in June. And as always, if the kitties don’t like it, you can get your money back. There’s a 100% nutrition guarantee, or your money back.

Are your pets becoming more like part of your family? Do you want to share that artfully created masterpiece with them? We are the Paws’ household want the very best for our feline family? What do you think about Hill’s small batch concept when it comes to your cat’s food?


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