why cats aren’t part of my family

Siamese Linus found a way to wind his paws around his human’s heart, making him a prominent member of the Paws’ feline family.

why cats aren’t part of my family

Lenny’s parents were feral, but this sweet tabby cat has become a very spoil member of the Paws’ feline family.

Paws shares 10 reasons why cats aren’t part of my family, but then again maybe they are, as we dispel all 10 myths with a very quick reality check.

  1. They don’t walk on 2 legs, but my Tabby Cat Lenny does. He walks around on 2 legs just like a Meerkat. He could beat most humans to the finish line if they were willing to challenge him.
  2. They aren’t the result of natural birth. Their human could not physically give birth to them. But lots of people have adopted family members. When adopting, we put a lot of thought went into what type of cat would fit in with our lifestyle and get along with the rest of the feline family.
  3. The cats don’t speak a human language. They don’t speak English, Spanish, Japanese or Russian. Instead they speak in their own cat talk dialect, letting their human know exactly what they want. And if we don’t give in, they let us know through head butts, MEOWS, purrs, and other forms of cat speak. Every morning Siamese Linus lets me know it’s time for me to wake up and cuddle with him, and HIM ONLY!
  4. Their human cannot claim them on her Tax return. That’s true even though my 5 felines are my largest expense, excluding my mortgage. Despite spoiling them endlessly – providing the best veterinary care, the best food, lots of treats and toys, and caving into all their wants and wishes – I can’t deduct a dime
  5. They don’t qualify as dependents under my medical or dental health plans. But I can take out pet insurance. I admit I haven’t done this just yet. I’m not so sure it is worth the investment because my Little Yellow, who is the feline with challenging heath issues, may not qualify because of a  preexisting condition. I am looking into whether it is a move I want to make in the future.
  6. They don’t do chores to earn a weekly allowance. But they do keep the house mice-free. Occasionally they even find a bug to play with rising to the task of pest control. As for the weekly  allowance, they don’t need one.  As stated above, they are my largest expense except my mortgage. When we break that down by the week, it could well be more than what many human kids get.
  7. They can’t go on vacation with you, but that’s not true because they can. There are lots of places where you can vacation with cats. They can go camping with you. If you don’t believe it, check out my article, ‘Travelling with Pets’, published in the Maine Sunday Telegram’s Exploring Maine. You can fly with your cat. For more info, check out my blog post, Flying and Relocating with your cat takes diligence. If you can’t take them with you, there’s lots of places you can Get your Cat Fix while on vacation. Check out my Cat Writer’s Association’s Certificate of Excellence Award Winner article published in the January 2015 issue of Cat Fancy.
  8. They don’t bring your breakfast in bed when you’re ill and under the weather, but they do snuggle up to you purring in your easy easing your misery a lot more than scrambled eggs.
  9. They don’t buy you birthday, Hanukkah, or Christmas gifts. But isn’t the best gift of all giving back. What better gift than providing a loving home to my 5 felines.
  10. Cats can’t love you as a person would. They love you more. We all know cats and all pets give us unconditional love whether we are rich, poor, homeless or haven’t taken a shower for a week or more.

Paws for Reflection took this parody for a blog post from BlogPaws, who has absolutely amazing resources for bloggers. The idea sounded like an interesting twist, and Paws for Reflection decided to paw into it.

Do you have any reasons why cats aren’t part of your family? Or perhaps, you have some great reasons why they definitely are a part of your family.  If so, please share.


Blogging is more than creating new content

Blogging is more than creating new content

Blogging is more than creating new content. It’s also about maximizing, sustaining, and protecting what you already have. Paws for Reflection has been devoting tons of time to these issues this past year.

In January, Paws started participating in BlogPaws 10K page views per month challenge. This challenge led Paws down a rabbit hold, but not all paths came from the challenge.

Google Analytics

First, we embarked on making Google Analytics work on Paws for Reflection. We had been making dumb mistakes, and it isn’t that easy to recognize them until you’ve righted your wrongs. We had thought Google Analytics was already installed and working. It took us the better part of a week to figure out how to get it working correctly.

Listing Most Popular Posts

We followed BlogPaws’ advise on listing our top 5 posts, and added a plug-in to point to our most read posts for the week. We found 3 always in the tops 3. They are:

The other two popular posts vary from week to week, but we found some that were on top more often than not. They are:

We’ve learned that too many WordPress plugins slow down your site’s performance, but we couldn’t resist this one. If it accomplishes the goal of getting people to stick around and visit a few more pages, it’s worth 100 times its free cost.

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Cat checks out pumpkin and other Fall adventures

There’s nothing quite like Fall, and this cat checks out pumpkin and other Fall adventures. Little Yellow is curious about all these different smells. These flowers are crisper than the softer ones he played with this Summer. Needless to say, this pumpkin is bigger than his 10 pounds, and he wonders if this big round wonder would this make an interesting dinner. Turns out pumpkin is good for kitties. I haven’t tried it, but I understand it is a good filler food. As the cats, and their human, have put on some extra pounds, we may want to give it a try.

Today, we’re joining The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with our Fall Selfies – cute and shameless as they may be.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by The Cat on My Head

Rolling in the Grass

Meanwhile Siamese Linus is in seventh Heaven, rolling in all the leaves that have magically appeared these past few weeks! He’s so happy he can’t contain himself, and we can only think of the word, ecstasy. This is what you call a shameless Selfie, as he shows off his whole underside as he rolls and rolls and rolls. His human thinks she might join him. As a kid, I always loved to rustle my feet in the leaves, and jump into those huge piles of leaves. If I liked it so much, why shouldn’t the cats? And I think maybe I’ll just put down the camera, and join in as they romp through the grass and roll in the leaves.

Do you have a favorite Fall past time? Do your cats enjoy Autumn? Do they like to play in the leaves and check out the Fall flowers? And is Fall your favorite time of year. It sure if for me. No more summer humidity with crisp, sunny, bright blue skies. Delightful! Share your thoughts on this Sunday Selfie.


Cat checks out pumpkin

Cat checks out pumpkin

Cat checks out pumpkin

This cat just loves Fall. It’s so crisp!

Cat checks out pumpkin

Cat Little Yellow soaks up the sunshine.

Cats checks out pumpkin

Rolling in the grass is ooohhh so much fun!

Cat checks out pumpkin

Siamese Cat Linus is right in Heaven. Could he look happier!

Cat checks out pumpkin

Cat checks out these bright orange pumpkins



Sunday Selfie: Neon Cat

We are thankful to be participating in Sunday Selfies hosted by The Cat on My Head

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat on My Head

This Sunday Selfie: Neon Cat is one of the effects we discovered this week as the Paws felines were playing around with Photoshop filters. We wanted to do a quick watercolor, but that was not meant to be. What we came up with was a neon green cat.

What’s your favorite artistic effect? What’s your favorite artistic program or app? Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Sunday Selfie: Neon Cat

Sunday Selfie: Neon Cat



Remembering 9-11

Remembering 9-11. Paws’ did this painting after visiting New York City in the late 1970’s,

Remembering 9-11, a day that was marked the beginning of a recognition that the United States was not exempt from terrorist attacks. Most all Americans were in shock that day as we saw the commercial airplanes hijacked and deliberately crashed into the Twin Towers, a focal points of the New York City skyline.

Another plane deliberately crashed into the Pentagon. Still another, headed for the U.S. Capitol Building was courageously crashed by the passengers who took control of the plane to take it down.

This post is participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by Cat on My Head

Do you remember what you were doing on 9-11? Did it have an impact on your life? Were you personally changed by it. Please weight in and share your thoughts and comments.

Remembering 9-11

I remember that day vividly. Working for a non-profit, there was a small TV in our office. It was hard to walk away from the television coverage and do work. Having been a journalists before starting work in public relations, the work of the day seemed very insignificant. We would see those images replayed day after day for well over a year. It changed our lives momentarily – maybe for a year. But 15 years later, things are pretty much the same, except we realize terrorism is a real threat in America.

My kitty Lenny is only 4-years-old. He wasn’t around that day. He wasn’t even a fleeting thought in his human’s mind. My Pink Collar, now 16, was just a kitten, and she had my beloved Smokey Blue, who has passed on, were there to watch the horror unfold in front of us. Mom’s cat, Clyde, not pictured here, was also there to comfort her.

Remembering 9-11, many like my kitty Lenny, too young to remember

While we recall this fateful day, we realize so many people under 21 or even 25 have no recollection or a very faint one of this day that ranks up there with the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy or for those that can remember the bombing of Pearl Harbor that sent America into World War II.

Remembering 9-11 through art

When I was in high school, I took oil painting lessons, and after visiting my brother who lived in New York City, I painted this scene of the Twin Towers. I had totally forgotten about this painting till a few years after 9-11. I was very pleased I hadn’t given it away or tossed it. Today, I share it on my blog, Paws for Reflection.

Remembering 9-11

Lenny checks out this oil painting of 9-11 as we recall that memorable day 15 years ago



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