Paws ponders how to juggle blogging, writing, and life's demands.

Paws ponders how to juggle blogging, writing, and life’s demands.

Consistency, planning, and working ahead are essential to having a successful blog.

One without the other makes it hard to stay focused. And as Paws for Reflection approaches its third year of blogging, this is our commitment for the upcoming year.

We often hear people say we need ideas to blog about. Paws has endless ideas, maybe too many, for upcoming blog posts. Sometimes, the mind is spinning with ideas. As Paws’ mom expands her freelance writing career – Paws’ mom had her first article published in a national magazine, The Cat Fanciers’ Association’s Cat Talk Almanac in July – we find the struggle even harder to be consistent, with 3 blog posts a week.

We also have an upcoming articles that are on tap for another national magazine in 2015, and have become a pet go-to writer for special sections at the Maine Sunday Telegram, writing articles about traveling with pets and home improvements for pets.

Paws also is affiliated with the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network, and over the course of the past year have written several posts for Hills Science Diet, a product that we’ve been using for well over 10 years..

Those commitments and deadlines have to be met. Those obligations are must-dos, and take precedent even with a full-time job to pay the bills, and a big old farm-house to take care of. Blog posts can, but should not, go on the back burner. And we struggle to find the time to do it all.

There’s no doubt we have made tremendous progress with our pet writing goals, as traditional print and online mesh together. Next year, there are plans for a self-published book in the works. The writing and self-publishing is only the beginning. Then, it’s the marketing.

How do we do it all? That’s a great question, and the answer is through planning, consistency, commitment and working ahead.



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Kitty Lenny wants to play with Linus, the cat pictured on the tablet.

Kitty Lenny wants to play with Linus, the cat pictured on the tablet.

Tablets are great for certain things. They are small and compact making them ideal to take to a class of seminar to take notes on.

They are great to quickly check email messages because you can leave them out in very convenient places. The print is large enough so that us folks that need readers to see small print can easily read them. The keyboard is also easier to use to quickly compose a message.

You can carry them around and have easy access to your files, and even download a book or two to read when you are on the go.

Kitty Lenny checks out the tablet.

Kitty Lenny checks out the tablet.

Since I don’t have satellite service on my tablet, I do find that annoying. And from what I understand my Samsung Gallaxy3 does not have that capability.

I’ve had the tablet for about a year, but admit I’ve done little with it. It’s one more thing to have to figure out how to use, and well, time does get limited. But that changed when my laptop got bogged down with Adware, and I had to leave it with the Geek Squad for about a week. My backup computer had a broken screen so it also went to another computer shop for repair. I was left with only my tablet.

There’s a lot about the tablet that I really like. But there’s a lot I don’t like, or maybe I should say it’s the apps that I have an issue with.



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Wordless Wednesday: Mummy – don’t forget me, kitty says. I’m all packed!

Do you cats get into your suitcase when you are packing to go on a trip> Do you suppose they are trying to tell you they want to go with you? When you
start unpacking do they check out all your goodies? They want to make sure you didn’t forget them, and brought something special home to your best feline
friends. As you can see here, Paws wants to make sure he’s packed in tight to go travelling with his mummy. Weigh in and share your fun stories.

Kitty packed in suitcase and ready to go.

Kitty packed in suitcase and ready to go.

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty packed in suitcase & ready to go

Kitty squishes in to make sure there's room in the suitcase for him.

Kitty squishes in to make sure there’s room in the suitcase for him.

Kitty fits in snugly in suitcase right next to the hairdryer.

Kitty fits in snugly in suitcase right next to the hairdryer.



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Jackson Galaxy’s ‘Cat Daddy, What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat taught Me About, Life, Love, and Coming Clean,’ is a lot more than a cat book. While Jackson includes tips for raising

Jackson Galaxy's 'Cat Daddy' tells how he went from a life of addiction to one full of cat mojo.

Jackson Galaxy’s ‘Cat Daddy’ tells how he went from a life of addiction to one full of cat mojo.

happy, health cats, he offers an inside look as how his addictive life led him to tune into his ‘cat mojo’ and his ability to develop a special connection with all felines.

Paws’ mum had met Jackson a few years ago at the Cat Writer’s Association’s Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA. He gave a riveting talk on how cats had helped him turn his life away from drug and alcohol addition. Then featured on Animal Planet’s ‘Cat From Hell’, he described his special connection with the feline species. It was at that time that she received her autographed copy of his book. It was this summer that she found the time to read it.

While riveting that presentation didn’t prepare me for the eye-opening descriptions of addiction and coming clean that were presented in ‘Cat Daddy’. I heard, but didn’t really connect with his deep affection for his special cat, Benny. In the book, he is extremely poignant and honest in his description of just how dysfunctional his life was at specific times. At one time, while working in the animal shelter in Boulder, CO, he lived in a warehouse, peeing in bottles, and showering when he came in to work. There’s elaborate detail on just how much hold drug and alcohol had over him.

That’s almost hard to believe as we watch him on Cat from Hell. Even though he is totally upfront about his past addictions, it’s hard to imagine how much hold it had over him until you read ‘Cat Daddy’. We should mention the other author of the book, Joel Derfner, because if Paws helped on a book, we’d certainly want some credit.



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Tuxedo Cat


Kitty Lenny can tell there is something that he wants to check out.

Kitty Lenny can tell there is something that he wants to check out.

The Siamese kitty Linus

Little Yellow Silver Maine Coon Cat

Pink Colar may have slowed down a bit, but she's still a very special girl.

Pink Colar may have slowed down a bit, but she’s still a very special girl.


September is Happy Cat Month, and Paws shares 10 reasons why my cats are happy all year-long.

  1. We have lots of TLC, so much so that our mummy stays up an hour or so after work – some a 13 hour plus day –  to play with us.
  2. We have lots of toys to play with and even each other.
  3. We get canned food twice a day. Thanks Mummy. We like that.
  4. We are happy that we are all spay/neutered. Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with all those ‘heat’ swings. We feel good all the time,and there’s a whole bunch of illness we won’t get.
  5. We visit the vet at least once a year – sometimes more if we are sick. Mommy says she takes better care of us than herself, and that’s true.
  6. Mommy buys Feliway so we keep calm and don’t chase the oldest cat so much. He really is a scardy cat, and is fun to chase.
  7. We get to go outside, but only on supervised visits, so mummy knows we are safe and out of harms way.
  8. Mummy spreads out the TLC so we each get lap time, sometimes all 5 together.
  9. We have lots of places to snuggle up for a nap, some in the sunshine, some hidden from the other cats.
  10. We have the best life. Our mummy makes sure we do!

Are your cats happy during September, which is Happy Cat Month, and all year-long? Please weigh in and share your comments on why your cats are happy. That’s Paws’ goal – to make not only our cats, but all cats – happy!


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