Tips to get cats of various ages to get along

Senior and Timid cats, like Clyde, may become a target in a multi-cat household.

Today, we share some tips to get cats of various ages to get along.

Timid cats tend to run, and once they run from the other cats, it becomes open season, and they become a target for the other cats to chase.

Age compounds the fear of a timid cat. It also can lead a once-not timid cat to become fearful, and seek out safe hiding spots like the closet or a cupboard.

This is one of the hardest behavior issues to combat in a multi-cat household – how do I get my felines, of varying ages, to get along? And it’s one that Paws for Reflection wrestles with on a daily basis.

Tips to get cats of various ages to get along

Mom’s Cat – The Tuxedo Boy – now a senior and very timid cat.

Mom’s cat, Clyde is what you call a real Fraidy-cat or Scaredy-cat. From the day he walked into her house, he has demonstrated very timid behaviors; first of humans, then, of other cats. He has never been Top Cat, since I moved back into the old farmhouse to help her with her declining health due to Alzheimer’s disease. Once she moved to Residential Care 7 years ago this Thanksgiving, I never expected Clyde to keep hanging on.

Tips to get cats of various ages to get along

While he looks great for his 19 or so years, his fear has gotten worse. As we’ve looked for research about cats ganging up on senior and/or timid cats, we really haven’t found a whole lot of details about this. What we’ve found is more generic.

  • A cat’s vision and hearing deteriorate with age, and perhaps, Clyde is even more fearful of not seeing or hearing the aggressors, and getting ambushed with no escape route, causing him to hide more. (For more about how well cats can hear, check out Paws’ post, Cats hear better than humans, but do they like our music?
  • Many cats are more arthritic with age, and jumping to a safe spot quickly can become more of a challenge. While Clyde does not demonstrate any symptoms of arthritis, he may be afraid he can’t run to safety quick enough.In the jockeying for their place in the cat hierarchy, it could be younger, healthier cats, particularly males, can sense the cats’ aging, and single him out to chase out of their territory.
Tips to get cats of various ages to get along

Timid cats often target of other cats’ aggression.

Tips to get cats of various ages to get alongts when going to the vet

Clyde now has the upstairs as his safe haven.



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5 Reasons to bring your cat to the Vet. August 22 is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, and Paws for Reflection wanted to share this infographic explaining why you should make sure kitty gets regular vet visits.According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, 83 percent of cats are taken to the vet in the first year of ownership, yet over half of them don’t return!




5 reasons to bring your cat to the vet

5 reasons to bring your cat to the vet infographic.

Why do you think people don’t bring their cats to the vet? Is it money or lack of knowledge? Please weigh in and share your thoughts.


Siamese cats have handsome blue eyes. This combined with their black points on their face, paws and tales make them a very striking cat. In this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, sponsored by The Cat on My Head, Linus shows just how handsome these cats can be. With their chatty behavior and Velcro personality, they are not for everyone. But, Paws would not trade this handsome kitty for anything.

Siamese cats have handsome blue eyes

Siamese Cat Linus shows off his handsome blue eyes

Siamese Cats have handsome blue eyes

Even outside, Siamese Cat Linus shows off his handsome blue eyes

Siamese cats have handsome blue eyes

Siamese cat Linus looks at the ceiling with his handsome blue eyes

Do you have a favorite cat? What makes that cat so special? At the Paws household, all my cats are special, and no 2 have ever been the same? Share your thoughts about your special felines?

This Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is sponsored by:


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by Cat on My Head


10 Signs your cat has had a stroke

10 Signs your cat has had a stroke

10 signs your cat has had a stroke

Lethargy is one of the 10 signs your cat may have had a stroke.

Looking for these 10 signs your cat may have had a stroke will let you know whether your should seek emergency care immediately.

Cat stroke symptoms are different from humans, so much so that for years it was assumed that cats did not suffer from strokes, according to .  But unlike in humans, the symptoms do not intensify after 24 hours. Once the stroke happens, the damage is immediate.


Catlantus is an amusing cat tale of magical proportions

Catlantis is an amusing cat tale of magical proportions

Catlantis is an amusing cat tale of magical proportions. A love-struck house cat risks his life through magical time travel to prove his love to the amazing stay, Purriana.

The book, ‘Catlantis’, by Anna Starobinets is translated from the Russian version by Jane Burgaeva. It is a tale of how Baguette, an inside cat living with the Petrov family, finds himself traveling through time to a far off place called Catlantis. He is a descendant of the magical Catlanteans, and is instructed to bring back a Catlantic flower to prove his love to the alley cat, Purriana. Every night Baguette would purrenade her from the 12th floor of his Russian apartment. He was definitely in love, and wanted to do whatever it took to win the heart of his Purriana.

As the book takes on the age-old dichotomy of good and bad, the white cats become white or good magic. Conversely, the black cats are bad and evil with black magic.

Like Atlantis,Catlantis sinks into the ocean with its beautiful white cats, black cats, ginger cats, gray cats, striped and spotted cats. The cats; however, are not destroyed. They live on in time, and  make up the ever powerful Council of Six that has come down through the ages and still rules the cat hierarchy.


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