Daylight Savings Time springs clocks ahead, but do kitties care

Kitty Lenny isn’t tune into this DST change like humans are.

While most of us set our clocks ahead one hour last night (spring ahead), our kitties most likely didn’t reset their internal clocks.

If you took an extra hour and didn’t get up at the appointed time, chances are, your kitties were not happy at not getting their breakfast at the appointed hour. That time change did nothing for their tummies. They expected their breakfast at 7 or 8 am as always.

Today, we share the many other cats and other pets that are participating in this Sunday’s Selfie Blog Hop kindly hosted by The Cat on My Head. We wonder what other felines, pups, rabbits, and their humans are thinking as we struggle with one hour less of time, something all of us have to little of. Please stop by the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and meet some wonderful friends who, like us, have now entered the world of DST.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is hosted by Cat on My Head

Cats are not wired into time

Unlike humans who become slaves to clocks, cats are not wired into time. They are creatures of habit, and they know when their stomach says it’s time for breakfast. They know when they hear the shower going that you are going to be bribing them with treats so not to play Houdini cat when going out the door.

Daylight Savings Time springs clocks ahead, but do kitties care

Kitty Lenny is content soaking up some sunshine, not caring about what time it is.

Daylight Savings Time springs clocks ahead, but do kitties care?

Little Yellow ponders about why we observe Daylight Saving Time.

At Paws for Reflection, we pondered about this whole time change thing, not that the cats care; however, the humans were a bit curious about this custom. Turns out springing ahead to summer time is what they call Daylight Saving (not plural) Time. It adds one hour to standard time, making use of daylight to conserve energy. If you don’t have to turn the lights on until 8 pm, rather than 7pm, it saves energy, which does make sense. Additionally, it shifts light from early morning, when most people and kitties are snoozing away, to later in the day when people are bustling with activity.



CatSpot – a new type of cat litter

#Cat Litter – Me and My #cats are always trying to find something better, and we found it.

CatSpot is amazing, and the best litter odor control I’ve found. When I was given an opportunity to try CatSpot last summer for free, Paws said why not. At that time, we were actually trying out different cat litters to see what would work best in my five-cat feline household. As one of my cats has asthma, I was looking to change cat litters.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter

Lenny, a curious cat by nature, checks out CatSpot to see if he approves of this new cat litter.

CatSpot - a new type of Cat Litter

Lenny sniffs the CatSpot litter to see if he can smell the coconut.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter

What’s this? Lenny asks as he checks out a sample of CatSpot, a new type of cat litter.

Amazing odor control, hardly know a box is there

At Paws, we don’t shop around that much. If it works, we stay with it. The cats seem to like it that way. However, our cat litter that we’d been using for years had changed, and the odor was a little too overwhelming with perfumes to cut down on odor control.

When we had a chance to try CatSpot, we jumped at the chance, as we hadn’t been at all happy with the alternatives to our current litter.

Cat line
Paws for Reflection received a free bag of CatSpot litter to try, and wanted to share our opinion with our readers. I am being not compensated to help share Cat Stop, and we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. CatSpot is not responsible for the content of this article.
Cat line

CatSpot is the most amazing cat litter when it comes to controlling the smell of a cat box. There was almost no smell. And it went on for well over a month. If Paws had not seen my cats going in and out of the box, I would not have believed they were even using it.



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Cat gets a new pink collar

My black cat has had her signature item, a pink collar, since she was a kitten. When the Paws family adopted her over 16 years ago, I picked out a pink collar for her. It has become almost an icon for her, making her stand out from the crowd.

Cat gets a new collar

Pink collar gets a new pink collar.

Cat gets a new pink collar

Her old pink collar had seen its better days, being tattered and frayed.

It seems the hot pink makes her shiny black fur glisten. And what was to participate in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop than showcase and share how great she looks in her new garb.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat on My Head

As you can see in these pictures, her old collar was all frayed and had lost its sheen. Pink Collar likes to scratch her neck with her hind claws, and well that did a number on her collar, which she’d had for quite a few years.

Unlike people, cats, well don’t go shopping for new clothes. Some people dress up their cats for special occasions. The Paws family has tried that with limited success. If we keep the hats on for a few moments as we grab a quick, and usually not so great photo, we’re lucky.

Cat gets a new pink collar

The new pink collar is bright and vivid, and will make our cat stand out from those every days cats.

Cat gets new pink collar

Tabby cat Lenny wants to play with the new pink collar while Pink Collar tolerates his annoying play.

Cats gets new pink collar

Why does this little brother show up and want to play with my new collar? So typical.

Cats gets a new pink collar

I don’t care of this is for Pink Collar, I want to play with this new toy, bell and all.



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Are your cats giving up partying or napping for Lent?

We cats at the Paws household plan to have one big partying bash on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) before getting ready for some super-duper napping during Lent.

And we wanted to share our plans with the many feline families participating in this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop kindly sponsored by the Cat on My Head. We invite all of the kitties and their humans to come on over and do some serious pawtying today, or any time before the pawty ends on Ash Wednesday.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

While we won’t be at N’aw-lins’ Bourbon Street, or even in the French Quarter (Our Mummy would be terrified we’d get trampled by all the reveling pawtiers specially after the drunken driver plowed into a crowd of by-standers yesterday, injuring some 28), we’re planning to have one last pawty at home.

Our Mummy wouldn’t dream of letting us pawty with bourbon, as pictured here, because we kitties should never drink alcohol. It’s not because we are teetotalers, it’s cause it’s really bad for us – it could even kill us. We find lots of people leave out a glass of something like bourbon and water to find kitty taking a few sips. Best to call the Pet Poison Helpline in that case.

Are your cats giving up partying or napping for Lent?

Pink Collar looks like she just partied too hard at Mardi Gras with some bourbon on the infamous Bourbon Street. Remember even small amounts of alcohol can be deadly for your cats. Resort to catnip, instead. If your kitty takes a drink, it’s best to reach out to the Pet Poison Helpline.

Are your cats giving up partying or napping for Lent?

Lenny is thinking about how he’s going to pawty on Mardi Gras. No Bourbon or Bourbon Street for him, but maybe some catnip will do the trick.



Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend Infographic

Canned Food Options for your Feline Friend Infographic and more. How much do you think about what your cat loves? Probably a lot.You might have a special bed for them to lounge on. You probably have toys, just for what they like to do—chase strings, bounce around pretend mice. Towers, too, help kitties work out their claws and energy. As much as you think about entertainment and relaxing spots for your cat, do you think about their food? The answer is probably yes—because there’s lots to think about.

Cat line

Paws for Reflection was  not compensated financially or with any free products for this post. This infographic and introduction is being shared by Kaylee White, of  Ghergich & Co., the agency that teamed up with Petco to create an article and graphics on wet food options for cats: How to Choose the Best Wet Food For Your Cat. . Kylee says, ‘We cover the pros and cons of the most common types, wet food feeding guidelines, and tips to keep cats hydrated. One major benefit of wet food is that it’s typically made up of around 75 percent water (compared to the 6 to 10 percent found in dry kibble)’. Kaylee contacted Paws through our /Contact form and asked if we’d be interested in sharing the infographic with Paws’ readers. We said yes, and asked for a little info.

Cat line

In the Can: Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend/

Take wet food, for example. For example, wet food for cats offers several different textures, from pate to stews and broths. And wet food must be fed differently than dry food. For example, it can not be left out like dry food. Once opened and uneaten, it must be stored.

Wet food also offers some distinct advantages. For one, it helps hydrate cats because of its structure. Do you want to learn more about wet food? Check out this infographic.

Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend Infographic

Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend Infographic (Courtesy of Ghergich & Co., who teamed up with Petco to create an article and graphics on wet food options for cats.

Do you feed your cats wet food? Paws does and has for years? It’s a treat they relish, and when their human gets up, they swarm around her feet for their breakfast. Please weigh in and share your comments. Please note, this commentary is about wet food, and we are not taking on the raw food vs kibble debate here. Thanks for sharing.


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