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Happy Caturday from Siamese Kitty

Happy Caturday from Siamese Kitty


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Wordless Wednesday: Kitty enjoys what’s left of summer

As August draws to a close, we turn our eyes towards cooler autumn days and start preparing for winter. How is your kitty taking advantage of what’s left of summer?

Little Yellow enjoys what's left of summer as August is drawing to a close.

Little Yellow enjoys what’s left of summer as August is drawing to a close.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop


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Happy Caturday! I'm no longer MIA

Happy #Caturday! I’m no longer MIA

Tuxedo Cat Clyde is no longer Missing In Action, but how this cat escaped to outdoors when he was last seen in the attic is beyond his human. Because the younger cats pick on him so badly, he lives upstairs. That’s where his human sleeps so he gets full reign on the bedroom, sunny windows, and a pretty good life.

His human was scared to death that he had somehow gone off to be no more. He had literally evaporated. We’d looked everywhere in upstairs. When cats vanish, it’s usually because:

  • They are Sick
  • They have escaped outside

Rushing off to work after a morning of DISTRESS and WORRY, I mentioned to the guys putting on a new roof that I had a cat that was MIA. Was he a black and white cat? He was sitting on one of the chairs on the deck this morning – just as happy as could be. From what he described, it had to be Clyde.

I didn’t have much time, but I went around the outside calling: kitty, kitty, kitty… CLYDEEEEE. But no cat.

Having to scurry off to work, I asked them to put him inside if they found him.

Thirteen hours later, I’m praying to God, that CLYDEEE will be safe and waiting for me so he can come in for dinner. I was very anxious to get that 40 minute commute over, so that I would know if kitty was safe.

I thanked God because after a few calls of kitty, kitty, kitty, I heard this handsome black and white tuxedo cat, jump up onto the deck. Thank goodness, the heavy rains had held off till he was safely inside.

While I’m very happy to have him safely inside again, I still wonder how on earth did he escape?? I guess only Clyde knows, and I don’t think he’s going to tell me, no matter how many times I ask.

Have you every had a cat that turned into a Houdini,and just magically got outside? Please share your thoughts and stories.


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Wordless Wednesday: Tuxedo has gone MIA

Has your cat ever gone missing in action in the house? The other day, Paws opened up the attic door to look for a box fan. It’s wicked hot lately, and the bedroom fan hit the dust. Didn’t want to buy one, if there was one tucked away in the attic. Well, of course, Houdini cats went up to check out this new-found territory, but I haven’t seen him since yesterday, and he always sleeps in the bedroom. So now, I’m signing off to continue my search for him. Where could he be?

Do you find that your cats just disappear, but they are there – somewhere. We spend endless hours worrying and searching. Share your thoughts and stories. We’d luv to hear them.

Clyde is an ideal senior cat

Clyde is in the house, but where?

Priceless kitty

Priceless kitty

Clyde is an ideal senior cat

Clyde went to check out the attic, and is now MIA




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