Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend Infographic

Canned Food Options for your Feline Friend Infographic and more. How much do you think about what your cat loves? Probably a lot.You might have a special bed for them to lounge on. You probably have toys, just for what they like to do—chase strings, bounce around pretend mice. Towers, too, help kitties work out their claws and energy. As much as you think about entertainment and relaxing spots for your cat, do you think about their food? The answer is probably yes—because there’s lots to think about.

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Paws for Reflection was  not compensated financially or with any free products for this post. This infographic and introduction is being shared by Kaylee White, of  Ghergich & Co., the agency that teamed up with Petco to create an article and graphics on wet food options for cats: How to Choose the Best Wet Food For Your Cat. . Kylee says, ‘We cover the pros and cons of the most common types, wet food feeding guidelines, and tips to keep cats hydrated. One major benefit of wet food is that it’s typically made up of around 75 percent water (compared to the 6 to 10 percent found in dry kibble)’. Kaylee contacted Paws through our /Contact form and asked if we’d be interested in sharing the infographic with Paws’ readers. We said yes, and asked for a little info.

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In the Can: Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend/

Take wet food, for example. For example, wet food for cats offers several different textures, from pate to stews and broths. And wet food must be fed differently than dry food. For example, it can not be left out like dry food. Once opened and uneaten, it must be stored.

Wet food also offers some distinct advantages. For one, it helps hydrate cats because of its structure. Do you want to learn more about wet food? Check out this infographic.

Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend Infographic

Canned Food Options for Your Feline Friend Infographic (Courtesy of Ghergich & Co., who teamed up with Petco to create an article and graphics on wet food options for cats.

Do you feed your cats wet food? Paws does and has for years? It’s a treat they relish, and when their human gets up, they swarm around her feet for their breakfast. Please weigh in and share your comments. Please note, this commentary is about wet food, and we are not taking on the raw food vs kibble debate here. Thanks for sharing.


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  1. Pate is the “p” word around here … Bear will not eat it under any circumstances! Now the “g” word? (GRAVY!!!) That’s required 😉

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