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Presidential Cats

President Lincoln first to bring cats to the White House

Presidential Cats at the White House

Even though President Clinton’s cat, Socks, is probably the most famous cat that lived in the White House, being nicknamed Chief Executive Cat. President Abraham Lincoln was the first President to bring cats to the White House, and was most likely the President that loved cats the most, even rescuing some feral cats from a Civil War battlefield. He had such a bond with felines that First Lady Mary Lincoln said her husband’s hobby was cats.

Rutherford Hayes’s connection with cats is relatively well-known, receiving the first Siamese cat in the U.S., named Siam. She was sent to Mrs. Hayes in 1878 as a gift from a U.S. diplomat, David Sickels, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Barrack Obama didn’t have cats (shame on him), but George W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy had felines at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Calvin Coolidge, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow also Wilson had cats.

On President’s Day, taking a look at Presidential Cats

With President’s Day around the Corner, we wanted to revisit these Presidential Cats, and take get a better feel for just who they are. Paws stumbled across the Presidential Pet Museum, which has a whole host of information about pets who’ve lived at the White House. We found a number of dogs, horses, cats and even snakes have resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We even found President Dwight hated cats so much that he gave his staff orders to shoot any cats seen on the grounds of his home. Let’s not go there, and take a look at some Presidential Cats.

President Clinton’s Socks became Chief Executive Cat

Presidential Cats

Socks, Chief Executive Cat

Presidential cats

Socks with President Clinton

Socks, joined the Clinton family before they moved to the White House. This black and white tuxedo cat with white sock-like markings jumped into the arms of Chelsea Clinton as she was leaving her piano teacher’s home in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1991. He gained his notoriety while roaming freely around the grounds at the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock. Photographers would stake out just like the Paparazzi to get a photo of this political cats.



Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat

Valentine's Day: Cupid's finds my true love - a cat

Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat

It was some time ago when Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat. Cats have continued t be the loves of my life and my soul mates since then.

It was over 30 years ago when Victory, a strikingly beautiful Maine Coon look-alike Tabby cat came into my life. I met her outside a bar, and while I didn’t find the human love of my life that night, I met her, After spending a few days looking for an owner of this wonderful cat, I decided to make a commitment, and make her mine. She became my special soul mate, spoiled to the max.

Valentine's Day: Cupid's finds my true love - a cat

Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s finds my true love – a cat

Victory was no snuggle bug

My Victory was not a snuggle bug. She would sit beside me for hours in front of the TV set. But leave her outside the bedroom, and she would scratch at the door for hours. I finally gave up and she would pounce onto the water-bed, waking me with the water being sloshed around for more than a few moments.

Victory was a stunning beautiful cat. She had double paws, and had all the markings of a Maine Coon. As she didn’t have the tuffs, she wasn’t a pure bred, but it didn’t matter. Everyone thought she was absolutely gorgeous.

Valentine's Day: Cupid's finds my true love - a cat

My Pink Collar never knew Victory, as she came into my life after she had passed

As a new cat owner, Paws did not know much about cats. We’ve learned as we have had 6 other felines join the family over the past several years. Victory developed both kidney disease and thyroid disease. We gave her special food and thyroid pills, not an easy task. She was groomed and petted, but she had a problem with mats. She didn;t like it much when I came at her with a pair of scissors.



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Static electricity zaps me ad my cats

Static electricity zaps me and my cats

Why does static electricity zap me and my cats? Why do we get shocks when we pet our cats? Why do our cats jump out of no where from that unsuspecting jolt of electricity? Why does my cat’s tail bristle when I gently pet him?

These questions haunt all of us as we get shocked when we pet our favorite felines.

Can we stop this annoyance, which can even be painful? It seems this year with our snowy winter, it’s worse than ever.

Not only do I, the human, feel the static when I take my clothes out of the dryer, I hear it when I take off my sweater. I hear the crinkle when I pet my cats, and I can almost see it when I stroke my Little Yellow’s bushy coon-like tail. I even felt it tonight when I picked up my scaredy cat, Clyde, to carry him downstairs for some extra TLC.

Static Electricity zaps me ad my cats.

Static Electricity can make cats glow in the dark.

It’s a pretty prevalent issue, and neither humans nor kitties like it  much. In some cases, the static is so strong it glows in the dark.

Paws for Reflection revisits Static Electricity

Paws had lots of response,to our blog post, Static Electricity in cat’s fur easily charged., so much so that we wanted to revisit the issue.

Some comments felt more like cries of desperation. One person wrote, ‘All winter long we get zapped. Neither kitties nor humans like it much.’

Annette says, ‘My long hair cat seems to be getting zapped my the carpet. We are renting a new place, and all of a sudden he just takes off.’



The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is August 28, 2016, and we take the time to remember our cats that are waiting on the bridge for us.

The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet

The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet.

The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet

We will always remember Tubby who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet

While my Victory has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, she always be my true soul mate.

The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet. Today is August 28, 2016, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. We take pause to reflect on this so important day, and we rally Corporate America to give bereavement  leave to those that us that have lost one of our beloved family members. We grieve our pets as much as we grieve our humans, and sometimes even more.

The Rainbow Bridge, like Heaven, brings solace to those that have lost a pet

While Paws admits losing her Mom, Dad, Grandma, and significant others was devastating, we want to let the World know losing a beloved pet is as just as painful.  We deal with the same level of grief as we would with a human. Victory, Smokey Blue, and my beloved Tubby, who died so young of FIP, will always be a part of my life. While the Paws family only had Tubby for a few short years, we had almost a total of 40 years with Smokey Blue and Victory. How can you forget a cat that was with you almost 20 years? That’s a huge part of your life!

Just like humans, they share your couch, your bed and your dinner table. They are there to greet you when you come through the door. They say MEOW every morning. That’s more than we do with a lot of family members.


5 Reasons to bring your cat to the Vet. August 22 is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, and Paws for Reflection wanted to share this infographic explaining why you should make sure kitty gets regular vet visits.According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, 83 percent of cats are taken to the vet in the first year of ownership, yet over half of them don’t return!




5 reasons to bring your cat to the vet

5 reasons to bring your cat to the vet infographic.

Why do you think people don’t bring their cats to the vet? Is it money or lack of knowledge? Please weigh in and share your thoughts.


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