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Cat Caturday and a safe Memorial Day

Happy Caturday. Keep your cats safe this Memorial Day weekend.


Keeping your cats safe this Memorial Day weekend should be at the top of your to-do list for what traditionally marks the beginning of the summer season.

Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day sort of sandwich in the 3 layers of summer, and we want to make it a safe and fun season for us humans and our cats.

With parades, barbecues, your get-togethers, your neighbor’s parties and even a few fireworks getting touched off, you need to keep watch of your kitty to make sure he’s safe. The best option is keeping them inside. If they must go out, keep a close tab on them because darting in the wrong direction across a busy highway or not so busy country road could end in disaster.

Keep Kitty Inside is best way to keep cat safe this Memorial Day Weekend

A scared cat can run for miles to get away from fear. If your cat hears fireworks, he may be gone for days. Again, staying inside is the best option to keep your cat safe this Memorial Day. If your pet goes missing, it’s stressful for them and for you.

If you are having a house full of people, let kitty have a safe room away from the crowd. He won’t be stressed and will be a happier cat.

Did you know cats will become extremely stressed by all the extra activity in the neighborhood? Consequently, they may go seeking a safe place to hide. That can cause them to disorient and go missing. In light of this, make sure your pet has been microchipped and, even better, add a pet-id so that if they go missing, you can easily be re-united.

Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where pets can reach them. Alcohol, even beer, has the potential to poison pets. If ingested, you pet could become very intoxicated and weak, severely depressed or even go into a coma. In severe cases, it can result in death from respiratory failure.

Do you have some tips that you want to share about how to keep your cats safe this Memorial Day Weekend? Please share.


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This lucky cat was rescued from a tree. Now much older she's much wiserNew Year's 2016 in style.

This lucky cat was rescued from a tree. Now much older she’s much wiser

Rescuing cat stuck in tree is serious business. It’s a real safety issue that all cat owners need to consider. First of all, we learned there’s only one way for a cat to get out of a tree – climb down backwards, or hire a tree climber.

The police and fire department will not help. Nonetheless, unless the tree is right next to your house, their big equipment won’t be able to get close enough to help.

My Cat Pink Collar taught me how to get a cat out of a tree

Rescuing Cat Stuck In Tree Is Serious

The entire neighborhood could hear the cries – the frightened MEOWS, or rather SCR-EOWS – coming from my beautiful silky 6-month-old black kitten, who had somehow ended up stuck some 70-plus-feet up in a straggly old pine tree, about 50 feet off the railroad tracks.

My Pink Collar was not street-wise. She hardly knew what the outdoors was because she was an inside-only cat. Her only idea of outside was the fresh air that came through the screen on the sliding glass door leading from our supersized condo to the deck.

Cat Smokey Blue hears her housemate who had to be rescued from a tree.

Cat Smokey Blue hears her housemate who had to be rescued from a tree.

This one day, however; she was determined to find out what adventure awaited her on the other side. It looked intriguing and exciting. She wanted to join her older house mate, Smokey Blue, who was peacefully sleeping on the deck. Smoke Blue got to sit out and absorb the sunshine because she would stay put, hardly moving, and mostly sleeping. Pink Collar was thinking, ‘Why can’t I go out too?’ Today would be that day…she would sneak between her human’s legs and make a mad dash for outside. And voila, the outside would be hers to be had.

As she ran to join Smokey, I thought a little fresh air and sunshine won’t hurt. I’m here working around the outside. Smokey sticks around. The furthest she goes is out to sit by the edge of the tree line. Pink Collar will probably do the same.

An hour or so passed, maybe more…everything was great. Then out of the corner of my eye and to my disbelief, I saw Smokey Blue chasing Pink Color as

Inside cat escaped condo and ended up being rescued from a tree.

Inside cat escaped condo and ended up being rescued from a tree.

fast as she could. They were going full tilt across the back lawn towards the wood and worse, the railroad tracks. My heart stopped for a moment. Then, I took off in hot pursuit. I HAD TO FIND HER.

Cats Race Goes Out Of Control Towards the Railroad Tracks

I thought she couldn’t have gone far, or could she. I walked through the wooded area, calling out, ‘Kitty, Kitty, Kitty’. I walked up and down the tracks, calling out desperately with a sunken feeling in my heart. There was no sign of her. It seemed like she had evaporated and disappeared into thin air. Circling back to the deck, I’d hoped she would magically appear.

Smokey Blue didn’t go far. She had found her way back to the deck and was resting peacefully. I had hoped I’d find the black kitty there too.

I put a can of tuna out on the deck. I was hoping that Pink Collar would smell the fish and come back. Dusk came. Darkness fell. Still no kitty.

I left the outside lights on for her. I took a flashlight out again, going through the woods and along the tracks. Still no cat. I heard the train go once again. I was praying she’d stay away from the tracks and be free from predators.



Wordless Wednesday: Tuxedo has gone MIA

Has your cat ever gone missing in action in the house? The other day, Paws opened up the attic door to look for a box fan. It’s wicked hot lately, and the bedroom fan hit the dust. Didn’t want to buy one, if there was one tucked away in the attic. Well, of course, Houdini cats went up to check out this new-found territory, but I haven’t seen him since yesterday, and he always sleeps in the bedroom. So now, I’m signing off to continue my search for him. Where could he be?

Do you find that your cats just disappear, but they are there – somewhere. We spend endless hours worrying and searching. Share your thoughts and stories. We’d luv to hear them.

Clyde is an ideal senior cat

Clyde is in the house, but where?

Priceless kitty

Priceless kitty

Clyde is an ideal senior cat

Clyde went to check out the attic, and is now MIA




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Keep kitty safe from heat stroke this summer (Infographic courtesy of

Keep kitty safe from heat stroke this summer (Infographic courtesy

Today, Paws for Reflection, wants to take a look at how we can keep our cats safe when the temperatures soar into the 90’s and above.

First of all – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LEAVE A CAT IN A HOT CAR, EVEN WITH THE WINDOWS CRACKED! Are we screaming how important this is for your cat? Yes, we are! Some states have even adopted legislation where you can report Fido or Fluffy left in an unattended hot car. It’s animal cruelty to say the least.

Even on a seemingly pleasant summer day, temperatures inside a vehicle can soar to over 100 degrees in less than 10 minutes, leading to heat stroke and death.

Cats need shade and water on hot summer daysCats need shade and water on hot summer days

Cats need shade and water on hot summer days

If your cat is panting, restless or has very sweaty paw pads he may be succumbing to the heat. This can lead to heat exhaustion and can then lead to heat stroke. Always make sure your cat has access to shade, water and cool temperatures.

If you must run an errand:

If you must quickly run an errand, restrain the animal in a kennel, park in the shade, and leave the windows completely open. It would be better, to have one person stay with the pet outside the vehicle, while the other runs into a store to grab a quick stop.

Beyond the car:

Cats need to stay cool on hot summer days.

Cats need to stay cool on hot summer days.

However, there’s a lot more to keeping kitty safe during the torrid hot weather than making sure they are never in a hot car.

Always make sure there’s fresh water available.

If your cat stays outdoors, keep water bowls in the shade and change them several times a day. For indoor cats, make water as appealing as possible by changing it frequently and washing the bowl every day. In very hot weather, keep water cool by dropping a couple of ice cubes in the bowl.

Keep Kitties Cool:

If you don’t have air conditioning keep a couple of fans going to circulate the air (make sure they’re safe and placed where the cat can’t get to them). Outdoor cats must have access to shade.


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Keep your cat safe this Fourth of July. Infographic courtesy of Pet Finder

Keep your cat safe this Fourth of July (Infographic courtesy of Pet Finder)

Pets don’t understand all the frivolity, noise, and celebrations surround the Fourth of July. To them, it’s scary, chaotic, and an intrusion on their daily routine.

Paws for Reflection learned that more pets go missing over the Fourth of July weekend than any other time of year. That fact is shared by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Cats as well as dogs go missing, and end up as strays, with many ending up at local shelters. Others aren’t so lucky. They die from fright, get hit by cars, fall victim to predators, or perish from the elements. What can we responsible pet owners do to prevent this? There are some easy tips to share.


  1. Don’t take Fluffy or Fido to the fireworks celebration. Leave them home. Pets have much better hearing than humans, and the noise is not only deafening, but terrifying for them. While us humans find the glitter entertaining, our pets become stressed and anxious, causing them to bolt and run away from this frightening situation
  2. If you are setting off fireworks in your backyard or you know that your neighbors are going to be setting a few off, keep your pets safe in a quiet, sheltered and escape-proof area at home. Make sure it’s escape-proof because we all know, cats are especially good at magically getting through the door, no matter how careful we are.
  3.  Exposure to lit fireworks can potentially result in severe burns and/or trauma to the face and paws of curious pets.
  4. Even if the fireworks are just sitting idle, they can be poisonous to your pets. , Many types contain potentially toxic substances, including potassium nitrate, arsenic and other heavy metals.


  1. While we love to have our furry family members with us at all times, be extra careful if there’s a parade near-by. They will be frightened by all the noise. They also stand a chance of getting hit by a car because of all the increased traffic. For cats, they will be extremely stressed by all the extra activity in the neighborhood, and well may go seeking a safe place to hide. That can cause them to disorient and go missing. It’s best to keep kitty safe inside till all the festivities are long forgotten.
  2. Make sure your pet has been microchipped and, even better, also have a pet-id so that if they go missing, you can easily be re-united. When you pet goes missing, it’s stressful for them and for you.



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