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The New England Meow Outfit’s third CFA Cat Show in Sturbridge, MA was tons of fun. Not only did Paws’ Mum get to see some stunning cats, we also witnessed the Costume Contest for the Cats and their Humans.

First Place Winner: Fred Astaire and Ginger

 photo cf1a08c5-c474-44d0-9d17-9c4c77c97e4b_zps0tq0vyqf.jpg

 photo 007d0a2f-d38b-45ca-8e10-0fc89e84af27_zpsrv49k3og.jpg

Second Place Winner: Jake from State Farm

 photo 920deae0-28a9-42c9-aacd-50d0719da89c_zpsk0nelvmj.jpg

 photo c76e5f05-0ad4-446e-8c5e-b1aa1451423f_zpsqg24jhug.jpg

Other Contestants

 photo a21693cb-b73e-4be4-9375-5fa505cbd6d9_zpsqcyxeptf.jpg

 photo 285c1f72-59fb-4f61-bd9b-a3bbf4ff9224_zpsq43ciofc.jpg

 photo 03acb307-9f81-4da8-a557-193831b3102a_zpsev8uxqny.jpg

 photo 35673a8d-8114-492d-870f-82f28a09d555_zpskyq3sxq5.jpg

 photo ee723f37-055c-4db4-882a-cb27d61b09cf_zpsme165p6q.jpg

 photo df3a9aa5-3565-4a6a-b2b3-c7798daf4c39_zpspfbjduy0.jpg

 photo d1134266-362e-4f60-a20b-5b48b88704d0_zpszp6ezwvz.jpg

 photo 9c912958-52be-42fa-8541-45410f51951f_zps7zt9nu9l.jpg

A Slide Show of all the Fun


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Wordless Wednesday: Maine Coon struts his stuff at NaUTICAts Cat Show

Do you have a favorite flavor of cat? In Maine, the Maine Coon, big and beautiful, is very popular. Paws once had a Maine Coon mix, and what a great kitty she was. Share your thoughts about the Maine Coon, and your favorite cats.

Handsome Maine Coon Cat at August, ME NauTICAts Cat Show

Handsome Maine Coon Cat at August, ME NauTICAts Cat Show

Handsome Maine Coon at NauTICAts Cat Show

Handsome Maine Coon at NauTICAts Cat Show

Maine Coon is ready for show time

Maine Coon is ready for show time



February 23 is Spay Day USA

Baby Kitty Lenny being bottle fed

Baby Kitty Lenny being bottle fed

Cats are hardwired to reproduce. They can go into heat every two weeks, and can a litter of kittens two to three times a year with up to six kittens in each litter, resulting in quite a few extra kittens.. Each kitten can have a litter at six months. The results are exponential with one cat with an average of 2.8 kittens per litter. The only way to stop explosive cat overpopulation is to spay/neuter.

February 23 is Spay Day USA, and at Paws for Reflection, we’ll make it a Worldwide Feline Spay/Neuter Day.

Now that February is waning, the days are getting longer. Though it may not feel much like spring, the additional daylight has a pronounced effect our furry friends, especially cats, who are physically constructed to reproduce. And many of these newborns will be cast into an animal shelter, or worse, left on the street to fend for themselves.

Cat overpopulation pyramid, while not accurate portrays just how much of a national crisis cat overpopulation is

Cat overpopulation pyramid, while not accurate portrays just how much of a national crisis cat overpopulation is

That’s why it’s so important to have your cat spay/neutered. Cost shouldn’t be a factor. There are lots of low-cost spay/neuter clinics. All you have to do is search for them.

Kitties can have more kitties as young as 4-months-old.

Kitties can have more kitties as young as 4-months-old.

Too many cats from 1 cat, 2 to 3 litters of kittens a year

Some people think they can just keep their cats inside. It’s not that simple. A cat can go into heat every two weeks or so. They go out of heat for five to six days and then if they are not impregnated, they go back into heat. Cats are hard-wired to try to reproduce, and they are physically constructed to virtually guarantee the females become pregnant. The heat cycle does not stop till they are impregnated with a litter of kittens.

Even when the female comes out of heat, she can conceive from one to two days afterward.

While in heat, the female will mate several times; sometimes with one male, sometimes with several. They are trying their darndest to reproduce.



Beautiful cats is a great gift idea for the cat people in your life.

Beautiful cats is a great gift idea for the cat people in your life.

Darlene Arden and Nick Mays’ ‘Beautiful Cats, Portraits of Champion Breed Preened to Perfection’ is chock full of gorgeous pictures of show cat around the world, making the coffee table book an ideal gift for any cat affictionarios.

With 40 studio portraits of breed champions by Andrew Perris, ‘Beautiful Cats’ showcases cats, from the traditional favorites like the Siamese and Persian, to the relatively new and rare breeds, like the Tiffanie, ‘a semi-long-haired breed that is part of the Asian group. This cat is yet to be recognized in the show world in the United States, but has broken into that arena in the United Kingdom. We also find the Russian Blue, Oriental Shorthair, Ocicat, Singapura, and more. The photos make us want to just reach out and touch these amazing show cats.

Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the cat, it’s features, temperament, similar sized breeds, size and origin, making it a lot more than just a book of fantastic feline pictures.

In thumbing through the pages, Paws is introduced to the Australian mist, relatively rare breed outside its native Australia, probably named for it’s mist-like colored coat. We find the beautiful Chartreux, known as ‘the smiling blue cat of France’, and the Manx, with a story of these cats having lost their tail because Noah cut off their tail when he closed the Arc door.

In the Introduction, ‘Beautiful Cats’ asks, ‘Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a cat? That says it all. The book addresses the evolution of the cat, a history of cats and humans, the history of the Cat Fancy, Cat Shows in the 21st century, what is the judge looking for, and 40 photo of very fine feline models.



Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a very active cat, and may not be for everyone, but they are indeed a stunningly striking cat.

What’s your favorite cat, or do you just like them all. Please comment and weigh in with your thoughts. Here is Muffin Man, an Egyptian Mau, owned by Jill Archibald, who was in charge of the Feline Agility Competition at the annual Seacoast Cat Club’s Cat Fancier Association (CFA) Cat Show in Concord, NH, May 2-3, 2014.

Striking Egyptian Mau

Striking Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is extremely active and agile.

The Egyptian Mau is extremely active and agile.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

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