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CatSpot – a new type of cat litter

#Cat Litter – Me and My #cats are always trying to find something better, and we found it.

CatSpot is amazing, and the best litter odor control I’ve found. When I was given an opportunity to try CatSpot last summer for free, Paws said why not. At that time, we were actually trying out different cat litters to see what would work best in my five-cat feline household. As one of my cats has asthma, I was looking to change cat litters.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter

Lenny, a curious cat by nature, checks out CatSpot to see if he approves of this new cat litter.

CatSpot - a new type of Cat Litter

Lenny sniffs the CatSpot litter to see if he can smell the coconut.

CatSpot - a new type of cat litter

What’s this? Lenny asks as he checks out a sample of CatSpot, a new type of cat litter.

Amazing odor control, hardly know a box is there

At Paws, we don’t shop around that much. If it works, we stay with it. The cats seem to like it that way. However, our cat litter that we’d been using for years had changed, and the odor was a little too overwhelming with perfumes to cut down on odor control.

When we had a chance to try CatSpot, we jumped at the chance, as we hadn’t been at all happy with the alternatives to our current litter.

Cat line
Paws for Reflection received a free bag of CatSpot litter to try, and wanted to share our opinion with our readers. I am being not compensated to help share Cat Stop, and we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. CatSpot is not responsible for the content of this article.
Cat line

CatSpot is the most amazing cat litter when it comes to controlling the smell of a cat box. There was almost no smell. And it went on for well over a month. If Paws had not seen my cats going in and out of the box, I would not have believed they were even using it.



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Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best litter box tool we’ve found. After trying out two samples for this compensated post, Paws will be buying two more extra-large mats for our upstairs litter boxes.

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the bestThis post is sponsored by Drymate. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Drymate’s New Litter Trapping Mat but (Paws for Reflection) only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Drymate is not responsible for the content of this article.

Drymate’s new Litter Trapping Mat is the best

We would compare its effectiveness to a car mat for the following reasons:

  • Keeps the litter from scattering all over the house.
  • Waterproof so if kitty goes over the side of the box (that’s what happens upstairs), it will protect your floors.
  • Easy to shake the cat litter out of the mat.
  • Machine washable, so we can wash it and reduce odors from a soiled mat.
  • IA soft, felt-like surface with a non-slip, waterproof backing.
  • And best of all its Paw-friendly. When put to the test, my Little Yellow, Linus, and Lenny were so impressed, they decided to turn it into a temporary cat bed.

Cats loved the soft felt-like surface

Paws for Reflection has tried other cat mats, but they were rubberized, and the cats didn’t really like them. Additionally, they didn’t stay in place. Drymate’s Litter Mat stays in place. When the cats walk across it, they don’t take the mat with them. Moreover, they don’t get stressed out by the mat moving around.



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Royal Canin

Royal Canin focuses on healthy cat food that delights your cat. When Paws for Reflection had a chance to try out a selection of their cat foods, we jumped at the chance because we wanted to prove what we already knew.

My cats love

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • No so much and only if we have to – Seafood

Royal Canin taste test proves my cats love Chicken

Royal Canin

Royal Canin taste test proves my cats love chicken.

We lined up 3 bowls in the living room, from which they could choose their favorite foods. With their keen sense of smell, they went straight for the chicken. They’d sniff and nibble on the beef, and turn up their nose and walk away from seafood. Cats supposedly love fish, but my 5 felines overwhelmingly aren’t fond of any type of fish, whether it be tuna, salmon, mackerel, trout, or any kind of fish.

Royal Canin

Little Yellow likes beef, but prefers chicken.

Royal Canin

Siamese Cat Linus proves chicken is his favorite flavor in cat food.

Royal Canin

The empty chicken bowl says what we already knew, my kitties love chicken.

Royal Canin

In this taste test, my cats prove they don’t like fish of any flavor.

Royal Canin taste test proves my cats love chicken

The Paws household is not keen on changing cat food brands. Our Pink Collar has had 2 bouts of urinary tract infections, and if we change what we’ve found tried and true, we may end up with another one. That would be painful for her, and expensive for her human.

Even though pet food companies have gotten a bad rap due to a number of recalls of the food being tainted for one reason or another, we were pretty amazed at Royal Canin’s focus on scientific research. A few years ago, we went to a presentation put on by, Avi Deshmukh, DVM, MS, PhD, manager of scientific communications for Royal Canin, who explained their philosophy is that one kibble does not fit all and that’s why they tailor their pet foods to specific breeds, sizes, and needs.

Scientific Testing & Research important to getting the right kibble

They test for taste, nutritional value, and texture. They even test for the perfect size and shape of the kibble.

I for one found the presentation fascinating, and wish we had an opportunity to learn more first-hand about pet companies at their research.

Some of the more notable facts Paws walked away with included:

  • When an animal is spayed/neutered, their metabolism drops 30 percent within 48 hours.
  • There are some 300 bacterial species in the mouth of a human, dog or cat.
  •  Animals and people need antioxidants to maintain the integrity of cells.
  • One gram of protein uses 30 percent less energy than a gram of carbohydrates.
  • A lot of canned foods are 80 percent water. They should have less than one percent salt. All wet cat food has a minimum of 70 percent water.
  • A half pound on a small dog, say anything about a cat, is like 20 pounds on a person.
  • In Type 2 diabetes, cells allow some glucose to come in, but not all. If you reduce the weight, the cells are more responsive. That’s why losing weight is so important in combating diabetes.

Paws had a chance to try out some samples of Royal Canin’s cat food for this product review, and were not compensated by the company for this product review.

Do you know whether your cat prefers chicken, turkey, beef or seafood? Have you ever lined up their bowls to find out if what you think is correct? Please weigh in and share your thoughts.


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Zen Clipper clips tips of cat's claw, not the quick

Clipping cat’s claws is not always easy.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat’s claws, not the quick. If you get into the quick, it will hurt your cat, making this important job even more stressful. If you get the right size clipper, you won’t need to be concerned with going into the quick, as the sizing prevents you from going too far up on the cats nail.

Paws for Reflection was excited when we were contacted by Zen Clipper to try out their clippers; however, we did not get the sizing right. We tried a 3 and 4 size. We should have tried a 1 or 2 for our cat Lenny. Perhaps, the 3 to 4 would have been appropriate for a large Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. For our little Tabby, who weighs about 9 pounds, it was too large. Lesson learned.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick

Lenny checks out the 2 Zen Clippers

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick

This cat’s curiosity gets the best of him as he checks out the Zen Clippers.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick

While easy to use, our old cat nail clippers could easily slip up onto the quick.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat's claws, not the quick

Zen Clipper was originally designed for cats.

We particularly liked the spring action in the clipper handles. Anyone who has trimmed their cat’s nails knows, felines don’t like to be confined, and they are somewhat scared clipping their claws will hurt. If you get into the quick, it will definitely hurt. The spring action in the handles made it easy to quickly accomplish the mission at hand, and trim the cat’s nails. With the correct size, it would have even been easier, as we could have just put the clippers over the nails, and not worried about them going into the quick. The blade made it a very easy clean-cut.

Zen Clipper clips tip of cat’s claws, not the quick

Zen Clipper’s website explains while most pets nails are similar in size and shape, they are not necessarily the same size. They also say, if your blade does appear to approach the quick, contact them, and they will replace your Zen Clipper at no cost with a smaller size. There are six sizes.


Zen Clipper clips tips of cat's claw, not the quick

Zen Clipper sizing chart determines which size is best for your cat.

Zen Clipper clips tips of cat's claw, not the quick

Only clip the tip of your cat’s claws.



Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet. Paws for Reflection wanted to try this natural way of tackling stress and anxiety on a recent trip to the veterinarian’s office. Paws was taking 3 of their 5 member feline family to the vet’s office, and didn’t want a repeat of the horror show last year.

Sunday Selfies

We wanted to share this info on the Sunday Selfies’ Blog Hop sponsored by The Cat on My Head, as we all have a lot of stressed out cats that may benefit from pet remedy.

Mom’s cat, who is now my cat, Clyde, is a true scaredy cat. This handsome Tuxedo boy is just a joy, but he’s become scared of everything, even his own shadow. The annual visit to the veterinarian last year was disconcerting because when I removed the blanket covering his carrier, he let out a series blood curdling screams as I took him from the car to the vet’s office. This was scary for him and for me. As I had received a free sample of pet remedy to review, I said this is the perfect opportunity to see if it works.

Two other felines were going on the 30 minutes car ride as well. I usually listen to a chorus of screaming Meows, which leaves them all getting sick or leaving a pile of poop in their carriers. Could this be averted, we wondered?

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet

Spaying pet remedy on towels helped keep cats calm.

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet

I sprayed some pet remedy on a dirty T-shirt I’d been wearing last week. I also abundantly applied it to a towel inserted into each of their carriers.

Having a stress-free trip was important for the others as well. My Little Yellow tends to hyperventilate while traveling in a car. It seems to scare him within an inch of his life. With his asthma and other health problems, it scares his human as well. He had a towel with pet remedy in his carrier. Pink Collar got one too.

For a bit of extra protection, I sprayed some pet remedy on a paper towel, and rubbed it one Clyde’s face once in the carrier.

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet

Scaredy cat Clyde keeps calm going to vet thanks to pet remedy.

Pet remedy calmed my cats when going to the vet

Scaredy cat Clyde is terrified of visiting the vet’s office.


Into the car they went. I’ve never had such a peaceful ride to the vet’s office. There were a few soft Meows, but no Screaming howls.

Once at the vet’s office, there were some vocalizations of not being happy to be there, but there was no terror. They just weren’t happy to be there.

All went well with the exam at the vet’s office, and on the trip home.

Paws has tried a well-known calming diffuser, but wasn’t very impressed; however, we haven’t tried any spray formulas that would have direct contact with the cats. The cats still vie for their position to be Top Cat, and they still relentlessly pick on my scaredy cat Clyde.

This experience won me over to pet remedy, so much so that when Pink Collar went back to have 3 teeth removed, it was part of the carrier preparation. The experience was the same as there were no blood curdling Meows, only little meows of dissatisfaction.


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