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Pet Parade app offers fun photo contest

Pet Parade app offers fun photo contest

Pet Parade app offers fun photo contest

Pet Parade offers fun photo contest. The new mobile app has a photo contest category for dogs, cats and critters, which covers almost every imaginable pet.

There’s still plenty of time to enter the Pet Parade Photo Contest.. However, if you want to be part of the Cutest Pet of Spring, you’ll need to get your pet into his best pose and hop on over, and that deadline is April 30, 2017.

First place will win:

  • 1st Place Ribbon.
  • Custom Pillow with your Pet’s photo.
  • Gift Basket of Treats and Toys ($150 value).

Prizes will also be awarded to second, third and fourth place winners. Pet Parade lists many of the pawesome entries on their home page. You’ll need to set up an account, and register your pet to enter. But why not? There’s a chance to win over $2,000.00 in prizes.

There’s more. You can:

  • Share & decorate cute pics of your pet.
  • Join a contest to win fun pet prizes.
  • Vote for and send virtual treats to your favorite pets.
  • Compete for the title of Cutest Pet in the World!

You can download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play. If you click on the link, you will get a link send to your phone to download the app. How cool!



Easter Fun for Kitties and new beginnings

Easter is full of fun stuff for kitties and their humans. We have Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets full of goodies, family get-togethers, and for many the one time they may get all gussied up to go church once a year.

The Paws family is celebrating with some very cool Easter baskets and some fun plastic eggs, which the kitties are batting around to keep them amused. Today, we share some photos in the Kitty’s Blue’s, Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. There are some awesome pet bloggers participating in this blog hop, and we invite you to go hop around.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is being hosted by The Cat on My Head

Easter marks the beginning of Spring

Easter also marks the beginning of Spring, with crocuses popping up, the grass turning green, and warmer temperatures.

For many, including the kitties, it means, it won’t be long until we can open up the windows, let in fresh air, and let the kitties romp around the yard for a few hours of supervised fun while their human does her gardening and yard-work.

Easter fun for kitties

Kitties have fun checking out the Easter basket full of goodies.

Sanitary Butt Trim keeps do-do out of kitty's bum

Kitty Lenny has fun playing with the plastic Easter egg, even though no catnip is inside.



Have you broken your New Year's Resolutions?

Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions? We’ve set goals to help keep us on track in 2017.

Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions?

Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions? It turns out 25 percent of all New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first week and over half are broken within 6 months.

New Year’s Resolutions are a way to make us reflect on what we want to change in our lives. At Paws for Reflection, we certainly have some issues we want to tackle in 2017, but we took a new twist this year, one that will help us stay on track and not be doomed to failure.

Setting goals with deadlines gets concrete results

We have set goals with deadlines, hoping this will make us stick to our guns and get concrete results.Have you broken your New Year's Resolutions?

The cats, including Lenny, wish for good health and happiness for their New Year’s Resolutions.For the felines, it’s all about health and happiness. We want good health and prosperity for our human, as well. We know we’re going to have challenges as our Pink Collar has progressive arthritis and Clyde’s health is deteriorating as he is over 19 years of age. Just like with humans, age takes a toll on the cats. We know we would be remiss if we did not write about this journey, and share our story to help others who may be dealing with the same issues.

Have you broken your New Year’s Resolutions? Goals keep focus

For their human, we are using 2017 New Year’s Resolutions to succeed, not to fail, and we tuned to Michael Hyatt’s online webinar, ‘7 Steps for Taking Control of 2017’ for some help. He says you’ll only achieve what you intentionally pursue, so if you want to make it happen, you’ve got to clarify your priorities, and make them realistic. He suggest making 7 to 10 priorities as that is all that is realistic.



Blogging is more than creating new content

Blogging is more than creating new content

Blogging is more than creating new content. It’s also about maximizing, sustaining, and protecting what you already have. Paws for Reflection has been devoting tons of time to these issues this past year.

In January, Paws started participating in BlogPaws 10K page views per month challenge. This challenge led Paws down a rabbit hold, but not all paths came from the challenge.

Google Analytics

First, we embarked on making Google Analytics work on Paws for Reflection. We had been making dumb mistakes, and it isn’t that easy to recognize them until you’ve righted your wrongs. We had thought Google Analytics was already installed and working. It took us the better part of a week to figure out how to get it working correctly.

Listing Most Popular Posts

We followed BlogPaws’ advise on listing our top 5 posts, and added a plug-in to point to our most read posts for the week. We found 3 always in the tops 3. They are:

The other two popular posts vary from week to week, but we found some that were on top more often than not. They are:

We’ve learned that too many WordPress plugins slow down your site’s performance, but we couldn’t resist this one. If it accomplishes the goal of getting people to stick around and visit a few more pages, it’s worth 100 times its free cost.

    Pugster Mothers Day Gifts Black Metal Cute Cat Jewelry Harp Earring Rack Stand Holder Earrings / Necklaces Brecelets .Black Metal Cute Cat Jewelry Holder Jewelry Stand Stand -- A Nice Design Fit For Your Dresser. There Are 16 Hooks On Each Side, At Least 32 Necklaces Can Be Held.With This Necklace Holder, You Can Find Whichever Jewelry At Once.You Will Enjoy Using The Stand At Home Or In Stores. It Is N
    $42.49  from Pugster
  • Betsey Johnson
    Betsey Johnson Tutu Cat Pendant Necklace
    $65.00  from Belk
  • Bling Jewelry
    Measure: Band width 1.5mmLength 10mm Weight: 2.4 grams Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia, Rhodium Plating
    $29.99  from Bling Jewelry



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Paws for Reflection blog heading

Paws for Reflection analyzes blog

Work smarter – not harder. Paws for Reflection is adopting this advice in 2016.

That’s why we’ve spent a whole lot of time tying 3 years of work together, versus spending a whole lot of time creating new content.

Thanks to BlogPaws Challenge ‘Boost Your Blog 10K, we’re analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

Google Analytics is a must

Linking posts together helps reduce bounce rate

Linking posts together helps reduce bounce rate

In January, Paws spent over a week getting Google Analytics to work. It was pretty easy once we figured out getting a WordPress plugin for adding a header and footer was all we had to do. Personally, we prefer WordPress’ Jetpack to Google Analytics, but Google does have some advantages. It’s quite interesting to compare the results.

We figured out what our top posts are, and if you look at our sidebar, we’ve now included those posts. While the top 3 stay pretty much the same, the next 2 change almost daily. Who knew?

Linking related blog posts together

Linking posts that are related has been another huge task, and we will be continuing to work on that. We’ll also be working on maximizing the posts that are bringing in the most traffic.

This isn’t exciting stuff. It’s not learning more about cats, their health, and what makes them tick. But it’s absolutely vital. It’s vital to sticking to the adage: Work Smarter, Not Harder.



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