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Daylight Savings Time springs clocks ahead, but do kitties care

Kitty Lenny isn’t tune into this DST change like humans are.

While most of us set our clocks ahead one hour last night (spring ahead), our kitties most likely didn’t reset their internal clocks.

If you took an extra hour and didn’t get up at the appointed time, chances are, your kitties were not happy at not getting their breakfast at the appointed hour. That time change did nothing for their tummies. They expected their breakfast at 7 or 8 am as always.

Today, we share the many other cats and other pets that are participating in this Sunday’s Selfie Blog Hop kindly hosted by The Cat on My Head. We wonder what other felines, pups, rabbits, and their humans are thinking as we struggle with one hour less of time, something all of us have to little of. Please stop by the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and meet some wonderful friends who, like us, have now entered the world of DST.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

This Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is hosted by Cat on My Head

Cats are not wired into time

Unlike humans who become slaves to clocks, cats are not wired into time. They are creatures of habit, and they know when their stomach says it’s time for breakfast. They know when they hear the shower going that you are going to be bribing them with treats so not to play Houdini cat when going out the door.

Daylight Savings Time springs clocks ahead, but do kitties care

Kitty Lenny is content soaking up some sunshine, not caring about what time it is.

Daylight Savings Time springs clocks ahead, but do kitties care?

Little Yellow ponders about why we observe Daylight Saving Time.

At Paws for Reflection, we pondered about this whole time change thing, not that the cats care; however, the humans were a bit curious about this custom. Turns out springing ahead to summer time is what they call Daylight Saving (not plural) Time. It adds one hour to standard time, making use of daylight to conserve energy. If you don’t have to turn the lights on until 8 pm, rather than 7pm, it saves energy, which does make sense. Additionally, it shifts light from early morning, when most people and kitties are snoozing away, to later in the day when people are bustling with activity.



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