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Are your cats giving up partying or napping for Lent?

We cats at the Paws household plan to have one big partying bash on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) before getting ready for some super-duper napping during Lent.

And we wanted to share our plans with the many feline families participating in this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop kindly sponsored by the Cat on My Head. We invite all of the kitties and their humans to come on over and do some serious pawtying today, or any time before the pawty ends on Ash Wednesday.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

While we won’t be at N’aw-lins’ Bourbon Street, or even in the French Quarter (Our Mummy would be terrified we’d get trampled by all the reveling pawtiers specially after the drunken driver plowed into a crowd of by-standers yesterday, injuring some 28), we’re planning to have one last pawty at home.

Our Mummy wouldn’t dream of letting us pawty with bourbon, as pictured here, because we kitties should never drink alcohol. It’s not because we are teetotalers, it’s cause it’s really bad for us – it could even kill us. We find lots of people leave out a glass of something like bourbon and water to find kitty taking a few sips. Best to call the Pet Poison Helpline in that case.

Are your cats giving up partying or napping for Lent?

Pink Collar looks like she just partied too hard at Mardi Gras with some bourbon on the infamous Bourbon Street. Remember even small amounts of alcohol can be deadly for your cats. Resort to catnip, instead. If your kitty takes a drink, it’s best to reach out to the Pet Poison Helpline.

Are your cats giving up partying or napping for Lent?

Lenny is thinking about how he’s going to pawty on Mardi Gras. No Bourbon or Bourbon Street for him, but maybe some catnip will do the trick.



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