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Monday MEOWsings – Renovation Fiasco

I’ve been taking an online writing class, and it says to blog about a whole host of topics, not just cats, or cats around the world.  I kinda find that hard to do because I just love cats, and want to write about them, and find out how they fare worldwide.

Today, I’ll still write about cats, but also talk about how to contain your feline friends when having ‘work done around the house’.

I’m having  a new bay window put into my kitchen. It’s going to be absolutely awesome when it’s done, but that’s when it’s done. Needless to say, a project that should have taken two weeks at the most has strung out into three to four. For one thing, the weather has been anything but cooperative.  The contractor cut a five by ten foot hole for the window – and covered it with some lovely double plastic. That would have been fine except it rained for the next three days and then there was the weekend when they didn’t work.  With it being October in New England, it became relatively damp and chilly, and each day seemed more dismal.

That was bad enough without my four feline house companions deciding they had to check out this change. A huge hole covered with plastic was very enticing, and curiosity kept them pawing away at the plastic. Fear of one of them tearing a hole in it, and running off in the middle of the night, added to my woes. Even if they didn’t tear it away with their claws, the weight of their bodies could send them hurling out to the outside world.

Every morning for the past few weeks, I’ve had to prepare the cats for their life upstairs. carrying up fresh food and water, and corralling each of them to the upstairs.  Now you know that after day one or two, they know what’s coming, and they try their hardest to hide and escape confinement to the upstairs for the day. And once one is safely behind the hall door, once you open it to put the second one in, the first one runs out. That scenario gets repeated at least two to three times every morning.

Even though there’s two nice beds and lots of sunshine, food and boxes up there, they want to hang out downstairs and see what’s going on today. Even better, they’d like to find a way to sneak out and enjoy these last days of fall before the winter snows arrive.  I really can’t blame them all that much, but…they need to stay safe and sound so I don’t worry about them all day while at work.

Well, today is Halloween. And there’s no fear for trick or treaters because the construction continues which you can look at more info here. Today, I have no water because the contractors cut a pipe in the kitchen, put on some new counter top, and spent a lot of hours trying to make the water shut off work. Because of the fiasco they faced today,  tonight, the kitties need to be confined upstairs because they can disrupt the counter top cement that’s still wet…Ouch!!! These cats won’t be happy… And guess what, neither will I.

The long-haired yellow tiger likes to snuggle in my neck and sleep over my face. That makes breathing very difficult. The siamese likes to sleep on top of my head. And the two black cats fight for premier sleeping space so they can snuggle with their mummy. That makes for not such a good night of sleep.

It’s  Meow-oween and my trick will be four unhappy felines being stuck upstairs for the night, with them fighting over me in the middle of the bed.  Our treat will be when the construction is done, and the kitties can have the roam of the house, and I can sleep in peace.

2 responses to “Monday MEOWsings – Renovation Fiasco”

  1. Debra Kristi Avatar
    Debra Kristi

    It’s a good thing to be loved by a cat. Nothing like it if you ask me. You must be a really good mother if they all fight over you. And in the end you will be happy not to have little kitty paw prints in your new counter top. :)

    I once had to lock my cat in a cage for several weeks while his leg healed just to keep him from damaging it more. It had been broken in three places! It was hard on all of us. But I knew it was the right thing for him so we suffered through it and in the end, we survived. It’s torture now but you’ll look back and laugh. I jealous of your new kitchen window. :D

  2. Karen McFarland Avatar
    Karen McFarland

    Hi BJ,

    As a fellow classmate I think it’s safe to say that all of us in one way or another are being gently pushed beyond our comfort zones.

    That said, I certainly enjoyed learning about your feline friends. I like cats, although I am allergic, so I can’t have one. But our upstairs neighbor has an outdoor kitty that has now taken possession of our patio and naps everyday on one of the chairs. So we’re sharing her. She’s so cute.

    Stay warm BJ. See you soon!