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Monday MEOWsings: Why I love cats

Cat people can be a highly misunderstood group, well that is by those that are not among us. You see, I wasn’t born a cat lover, but I have become one. And that being the case, I am one for life.

I used to think having a cat was a big ‘commitment’. So I refrained and procrastinated, and said I’m not ready to be tied down by a cat. Then, I stumbled upon this beautiful tabby that looked just like a Maine Coon. I couldn’t resist. Victory and I spent many years by ourselves, till I took my dad to a shelter for a kitten. Then came Smokey Blue who just put her paw out and insisted I take her. Did I mention she looked just like a Russian Blue? She was so sweet and so snuggly. The two of them lived together with me for many, many years. After 16 years, one day Vic, who was getting somewhat frail, had a stroke. That left just one.

Like so many people, I used to think people who had multiple cats were downright weird. Wasn’t one or two enough? Why have four, or five, or more? Were they crazy?? My boss had four – how strange!!
Funny, how things change, but they do. Circumstance takes us into many places we don’t think we’ll ever be. And that’s the case here.

Looking for a replacement cat for my mom (dad had passed on five years previously), I again went to the animal shelter in search of a perfect cat. At this particular time, the shelter did not have many cats – highly unusual. But there was this pretty six month old kitten in a cage in the entryway. But I did not want to get her a kitten – well, let’s say I did, and I took this pretty kitty with her new bright pink color – home to stay a few days before taking her to mom. Only she and Smokey hit it off quite well. Yikes!!! I wanted to keep the kitty, and with the encouragement of my friend Mike, Indigo joined my family, not mom’s.

Well now I had to find another cat for my mom, but yes, I did just that, and she and Clyde lived very happily alone until failing health brought her to share quarters with me. And so now we have three.

I had always wanted a Seal Point Siamese cat, so about three years ago I went to visit the local animal shelter again. Well, I wasn’t searching for a cat. Our neighbor moved and left his cat behind. The cat had spent a lot of time outside, and well, I wanted to get him tested before introducing him to my three. He was homeless, and I just couldn’t bear the thoughts of the little kitty having no home. He could be tested free of charge if I would pay the fee to re-adopt. So away I went, only to get very, very bad news. The poor feller tested positive for leukemia and it was recommended to put him down.
Having convinced myself that I wanted another cat, I was devastated. Tears streamed down my face, I left to return a week later, and guess what – there was this beautiful Seal Point – who had been left behind by a college student in her apartment. Oh my, he was just a love. His eyes sparkled. He had the biggest feet. He purred. He wrapped himself right around my neck…. He just had to come home with me!

However, there was a hitch. He had a brother, a black Siamese. The only thing that looked Siamese about him was the shape of his eyes. The shelter didn’t want to separate them. They’d always been together. I’d get two for the price of one, but two new cats. That would make five!!! Ouch! That’s a lot, maybe like, just too many. The sap that I am, I went home with two new cats, and they were just priceless. They fit right in. There were no fights, just a few little spats. They’d run, wrestle, play. Even Smokey Blue, who was getting on in years, accepted the duo. Tubby (the black Siamese) slept with me every single night. It was he and Indigo, one on each side. (For some reason, Linus (the Seal Point) liked to sleep in the bathroom.) And Clyde, he had his own mom to snuggle up with. Smokey took over the living room recliner. It was easier than going upstairs.

Now, I was definitely hooked. My cats have become my family. They are my sweet hearts. I talk about them. I make movies of them. I take photos of them. And yes, now I write about them. I have become a full fledged cat lover. And because of that, I have decided to write  Chronicles of a Cat Lover.