Thanksgiving Musings

Cure4Cats, Oct 21, kicks off 50th anniversary of Winn Feline Foundation.

I for one, am very thankful to spend Thanksgiving in the company of my four best feline friends. They are just the best companions, Thanksgiving or any time.

As a note of humor, here are some links about cats and Thanksgiving. Check out how to keep them safe, and find a little humor to lighten your mood before or after the special celebration.
And on a semi-serious note, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Colder weather and the fall and winter holidays, such as Thanksgiving, pose unique problems for cats. Learn how to keep your cat safe at the time of …

Happy Thanksgiving from Azazel and Pyewacket. Short and directly to the point

Nov 15, 2011 – CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses ways to keep cats safe on Thanksgiving.

Nov 22, 2010 – One of the byproducts of divorce is that you’re often not with your children at holiday time.

1 day ago – I remember a Thanksgiving from long ago when our Cousin Sylvia’s cat was run over by a Model-A Ford, not two hours before a huge holiday …

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