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Horrific stories: kitten microwaved for revenge, 40 cats shot, 27 hunting dogs kill cat

Putting a 10-week old kitten in the microwave for revenge and having your pet cat killed by 27 hunting dogs are just two horrific stories from the United Kingdom this week.  Similarly a group of Ohio residents are outraged by someone(s) that trapped 40 cats in a trailer park, drove off site, and  and shot them.

On a happier note, a cat was rescued from death row in exchange for donating a kidney. and Friskees has come up with an app for cats.

To check out these cat stories from around the world, click on the links below.

Woman jailed for microwaving cat
The Independent
She carried out the sickening attack on the cat while at the home of its owner Sarah Knutton – days after her then friend had reported an incident to police involving Robins’ partner outside the same house. Robins, of Salisbury Avenue, Torquay, Devon,

Couple ‘devastated’ after pet cat killed by 27 hunting dogs
A couple have been left devastated after their beloved pet cat was savaged and killed by a group of hunting party hounds. Tragic 18-year-old tabby Moppet was brutally attacked after 27 hunting dogs bounded onto land belonging to her owners,

San Diego Cat and Dog Grooming Services Provided by Veterinary Clinic
MarketWatch (press release)
SAN DIEGO, CA, Dec 14, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic, Inc. announced that the veterinary hospital offers dog and cat grooming services. The clinic has two on-staff groomers, Susan M. and Renee S., both of whom hav

Two cats‘ lives saved by surgery
Memphis Commercial Appeal
By Sara Patterson Dr. Ai Takeuchi of Memphis Veterinary Specialists in Cordova is caring for two cats involved in a kidney transplant operation in Pennsylvania. Black cat Cadbury was rescued from “death row” in exchange for donating a kidney.

Saddle Creek Cats
The Ledger
SPCA supports Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as a humane and effective approach to managing feral cats. Cats have lived outdoors for centuries; as opportunistic feeders, feral cats will eat whatever food is easiest to find. Decades of studies indicate when

Simply Cats no-kill shelter is at full capacity
BOISE — Employees at Simply Cats, a no-kill cat shelter, found a surprise on the doorstep this week. But it is more than they can handle. Nine abandoned cats were left in their carriers at the shelter, with their names taped on them.

Calico cat’s wanderlust has family searching
Chicago Sun-Times
December 12, 2011 4:36PM If you’re a cat it’s natural to view the world as your litter box. As a rule, cats are supremely confident, independent souls. A cat — in its own slightly self-centered mind — is as

Pet Q&A: A cat up a tree might need help to get down
Sacramento Bee
When cats get stuck up a tree, are they really stranded? Seems to me if they got up there, they can get themselves back down. Not easily, they can’t. Cat claws are designed to move a cat in a forward direction. And if that direction is up a tree,

Use of cats stopped in U-M Survival Flight training
Detroit Free Press
AP The University of Michigan Health System says it has stopped using live cats during Survival Flight training exercises. AnnArbor.com reports today the health system now uses robotic simulators in place of live cats during emergency air transport

Kerr pleads not guilty to shooting cat
River Falls Journal
A Town of Oak Grove man pleaded not guilty Monday to a felony charge of shooting and killing a neighbor’s cat. A Town of Oak Grove man pleaded not guilty Monday to a felony charge of shooting and killing a neighbor’s cat. Pierce County Judge Joseph ..

Cat Hoarding’ Charge Proves False
Barrington animal control officer finds that at least 15 cats at Echo Drive home are well cared for. By William Rupp An investigation by Barrington’s animal control officer into a report of a possible “cat hoarder” on Echo Drive indicates that the

Friskies apps for cats are like iPad Russian Roulette – Video Games
By Will Shanklin
Dec. 12, 2011 – So you spent 0 or more on an iPad. Reading, emailing, and playing games are all fun, but do you ever fantasize about setting it on the floor and watching.

‘Big Cat Week’ on Nat Geo Wild hopes to raise awareness of endangered lions
But people rarely consider the big cats. Nat Geo Wild will chronicle some of these lithe predators with “Big Cat Week,” beginning tonight. One of the featured films will be “The Last Lions” (airing at 8 pm Friday) by Dereck and Beverly Joubert,

Cat advocates call alleged killings ‘needless’
Middletown Journal
Staff photo by Rick McCrabb Barb Wehmann, president and founder of a Cincinnati-based cat advocate organization, called the alleged cat killings in Monroe cruel and senseless. On Saturday, the group placed a large wreath and posters on the levee near

When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets | Environmental Graffiti
Primates, our closest relatives, often exhibit behavior that is similar to human behavior. For example, they are known to keep pets!

4 responses to “Horrific stories: kitten microwaved for revenge, 40 cats shot, 27 hunting dogs kill cat”

  1. bjbangs Avatar

    I have to agree. Some of these stories are just so horrific. I don’t understand how someone could perform such abuse. I’m struck at how universal the abuse is, and letting people know how bad, and letting people know how extensive the problems are is a part of my goal. However, I do look forward to sharing info about the good things that are happening for the kitties and other animals. I for one, take better care of my cats, than myself. I just can’t imagine… Thanks for the comments.

  2. lynnkelleyauthor Avatar

    I don’t understand how people can be so evil. It’s really sickening. Thank God there are heros among us that rescue and aid people and animals and help us keep our sanity and faith in mankind.

    1. bjbangs Avatar

      I agree. the people that come to the rescue of the animals are indeed unsung heroes and true angels.

  3. Louise Behiel Avatar
    Louise Behiel

    I hate knowing there are such sickos in the world, BJ. I have to admit I didn’t read many of the articles – they’re just too disturbing for an animal lover like me. but I loved the last one about cats and gorillas. Koko is an amazing animal. I have followed her for many years.

    be well