Cat News: German cat returns home after 15 years; Cat gets to live after deceased owner leaves $1.4 million to animal related causes


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  1. we just had a dog here in Calgary who had been stolen from his family in Arkansas 4 years ago. he was chipped and when animal control contacted the owners, they were thrilled to get him back. the film of his meeting with his forever family was incredible – he knew them and knew he was home.

    i can’t imagine a return after 15 years.

  2. An update re: Journal News story from my neck of the woods. A veterinarian in Mount Vernon performed necropsies on five of the animals, and Lungaro said, “There were no signs of abuse or any type of neglect involved.”

    Two of the skinny cats had shaved necks, which is consistent with euthanasia because that’s how technicians access jugular veins with needles. The vet also found evidence that the animals had been stacked at one point, and frozen – both indications that they had been euthanized.

    • BJ Bangs says:

      Thanks for this update. I’m glad to hear they were euthanized, and not tortured. But it’s curious how they ended up in garbage bags along the highway. Perhaps the truck transporting them wasn’t adequately secured.

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