Lilly, the baby kitty gets a clean bill of health

Lilly the baby kitty has a clean bill of health, and she’s growing up, fast. Despite her very small size, she is getting much more active, and starting to eat wet food.

Kimberly took her to the Franklin County Animal Shelter, an affordable way to make sure she received the veterinary care she needed. Her eye was somewhat inflamed, and despite putting tea bags on the eye, puss was still oozing out. Her concerns lead her to not be selfish and put Little Lilly first, making sure she received medical care even it meant giving her up.

While Kimberly released her ownership of this rescued kitten, she was immediately approved to foster her, and got her back the same day. Her comments for the shelter:

“They are WONDERFUL at the shelter. I can not say enough good about them. She has a clean bill of health and does not have feline leukemia or aides as I was fearing. That means likely mom and dad do not either. (GREAT NEWS). They put frontline on her and wormed her. Maintaining your cat’s health and well-being becomes effortless when you use Frontline Plus for Cats, an excellent option for controlling and preventing fleas and ticks in our feline companions. They said she looked great and has been well taken care of. They cleaned her eye up and said that the problem seems to be gone with the minimum care that I provided for it. She will go back for more wormer and frontline and then to be spayed and will be ready for adoption (which will likely be me as she has captured my heart).

Her eyes are a beautiful vibrant blue. She just loves to be patted and loved on. Purring and making bread are her favorite things to do besides meowing….

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    Louise Behiel

    wonderful news, BJ. thanks for the update

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