There’s no question the number of stray cats in this country, and around the world are a huge problem. But the question is how to deal with the problem. This week’s news round-up points to the disparty of proposed solutions from enacting town ordinances requiring people spay/neuter their pets, to good robust Trap, Neuter, Return programs. TNR traps feral cats, has them spay/neutered, and returned to their colony where they cannot reproduce.  In Austin, Texas, they are slated to spay neuter their 25,000th cat, within a three year period. That’s alot of cats.

In Camp Ellis, Maine, a restaurant and neighbor are locked in a cat fight about the feral cat population. Famous chef Julia Child’s cat is featured in a new cat book, and a cosmic cat paw sweeps the skies over Europe.

Why We’ll All Be Eating Cat Food In Retirement
Huffington Post
Besides, with $5/day, I’d go with beans, rice, oatmeal and a banana or two before I’d go with cat food. If we think pink slime is disgusting, imagine what they’re probably putting in cat food, even at the outrageous price they charge for Miss Kitty’s vittles

Camp Ellis snagged in cat fight
Biddeford Journal Tribune
The Bourque family, who owns homes at 15 and 17 Bay Ave., have complained to the city regarding cats that are being fed by Colin and Lucinda Wormwood, who own a restaurant and live on the street. The Bourque family has asked the city to capture the ..

Tippi Hedren Braves Death Threats To Protect Her Beloved Big Cats.. Ryan
Huffington Post
Especially big cats. She is president of the Roar Foundation, and Tippi has a famous sanctuary for animals, in California, The Shambala Preserve. (Tippi also loathes what happens to all animals in circuses.) Recently, Tippi appeared before Congress, to try to 

Our take: County right to assist SPCA in feral cat problem
York Daily Record
The York County SPCA does what it can, but its ability to respond to the deluge of complaints it receives about feral cats – and other stray animals, for that matter – is hampered by the scarcity of its resources and the number of hours in a day. So it makes sense ..

Cat Helps Boy, Lorcan Dillon, Suffering From Selective Mutism Say ‘I Love You
Huffington Post
Dillon recently explained what the cat has meant to her son in a video interview with Cats Protection, a British feline welfare agency. “(Lorcan) was diagnosed when he started nursery school at three and a half. The reason I got Jessi-Cat is because pets and

Cat control ordinance considered in Mahanoy Township
Republican & Herald
MAHANOY CITY – Due to problems with many stray cats, the Mahanoy Township supervisors are having an ordinance prepared to deal with the issue to reduce complaints from residents about odors, cat feces and more. The topic was raised at Thursday’s ..

Nine lives? Cats survive Townshend blast
Brattleboro Reformer
It turns out, though, that there were survivors: Friends of homeowner Carlton Smith said late Friday that both of Smith’s cats somehow made it through the blast and had lived for days in the wreckage. “Both of them are alive, and we do have the female cat,” 

Rabid cat attacks in Northeast Kingdom
Amy Dalpe is an animal lover, and has taken in several stray dogs and cats over the years. But what happened to her on the evening of July 17 may have her thinking twice about taking in another stray cat. “When I got to the hospital I was covered in blood ..

Cat Trap Fever
Austin Chronicle (blog)
Austin has cats – a lot of cats. And in the absence of an ordinance that requires spay/neuter of pets, there are a lot of reproducing cats out there, many of them stray and/or feral. Year in and year out, the large free-roaming cat population remains a big problem

Julia Child’s cat is the subject of new children’s book
Mother Nature Network (blog)
Susanna Reich’s new book “Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat” is a beautifully illustrated, charming story about Minette Mimosa McWilliams Child – “a very lucky cat, perhaps the luckiest cat in all of Paris.” Reich took the details of

To get home, cat walks 6 miles in 3 days (blog)
Officials at a New Hampshire animal shelter say they can’t figure out how a black cat walked six miles in three days to find his way back home,