Political cats, fashion cats, ghost cats, big cats, video cats, a Moscow Cat Show featuring domesticated felines, the birth of four rare Sand Cats, and much, much more dominated cat news this past week.

Cats have once against returned to the political scene in time for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte with a 28-second video, with Fernando, an orange tabby, appearing in front of several cat related and DNC-affiliated places. (This might warrant a follow up blog post all to itself).

While there’s much attention on the Minneapolis film festival on cat videos this week, and the two-faced cat Venus, there’s a lot more cat news out there this week.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s fluffy white kitty, Choupette, starred in her own film for the luxury fashion website Net-a-Porter featuring a new line, Karloflauge. Choupette sports a red leather motorcycle jacket, a slinky silver sequined dress, a red and purple print stretch jersey dress, and an array of black and white pieces to match her elegant coat.

Whether it’s 100 percent believable or not, OMG features a Moscow Cat Show, The Moscow Cat Theater is a traveling circus that showcases cats. Creative director Vladimir and his daughter, Maria, train the cats to walk on tightropes, balance on balls and walk upside down.

Big cats took center stage in the United Kingdom, as many wonder if sighting of big cats are real or a figment of the imagination. In California, the puma Atlas living in the Santa Cruz Mountains roams the mountains on both sides of Highway 17, crossing the busy road regularly to reinforce his domain. Other big cats, nine Bengal tigers and seven African lions, got stuck at the Paraguay border for over two months after their owner took his Argentine circus to the Paraguayan capital where it performs each August. Once he found out about a new law in Paraguay bans live animal acts at circuses, he tried to ship them back to Argentina, but they got stuck at the border.

A rabid cat is found in New Hampshire, a rescue group has been formed to deal with the mushrooming feral cat population created by the large number of foreclosures in Mountain House, Calif. Shelters ship pets out of shelters along the Gulf Course in preparation for Hurricane Isaac, and on a happier note, four rare Sand cats are born at the Zoological Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Links to these and other bizarre, tragic and good cat news from the past week are listed here. Check them out because there’s a lot to learn. It’s amazing how much news there is about our feline friends, big and small.

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