Cat News Friday: There are fat cats and then there’s Skinny, a 42-pound Texas cat


There are fat cats, and fatter cats. But this week’s Cat News Friday finds an extraordinarily fat cat, weighing in a 42 pounds.

Now there’s a 25 pound cat residing at the nursing home where my mom lives, and that’s one big kitty. My friend Mike has his buddy, who comes in at 22 pounds. But can you imagine a 42 pound kitty sitting in your lap?? OMG!!!

Here’s the skinny (pardon the pun if you must). Ironically, the female tabby, has been named Skinny by a Richardson, Texas animal shelter. A Richardson, Texas, resident reported the cat, which was late picked up by animal services. The article says that Skinny is so fat, she can’t even fit into a normal sized litter box. Does this mean that everything, including cats, grow bigger and better in Texas? Yikes!!!

For the good or the bad, Skinny has attracted a fair share of attention because of her size. But the animal shelter is holding onto her, putting her on a diet, so she will become slimmer and fitter. There’s also a fear that because of her size, people might adopt her just for a lark – to have a humongous kitty.  And just think it was only about a month ago that Venus the cat – with a face divided into two colors – was the craze on the web. Now we’ve got one fat cat who could well out-poll all the fat-cat politicians in Washington and in state across America.

It will take Skinny some time to become skinny. Unlike humans, cats can’t go on crash diets. It’s  recommended that cats only lose one percent of their entire body weight per week, and one percent of 42 would be less than a half pound a week. Quick weight loss can cause severe health issues, including hepatic lipidosis [fatty liver syndrome), which can lead to death.

For now, Skinny has been placed on a low-calorie diet and is getting some exercise.

For more on this story, follow the link below.

Shelter looking for housing for 42-lb cat
“With cats you have to be more careful with dieting, as too-rapid weight loss can have adverse affects,” said Yvette Pedroza, a veterinarian at the East Dallas Veterinary Clinic. “The cat can suffer from diseases such as hepatic lipidosis [fatty liver .

And if you’d like to be more like a cat, Japan’s Neurowear has introduced  Shippo – Japanese for tail – a wearable cat tail that wags when a user’s mood changes.

The device reads the wearer’s brain waves. It uses a headset, a clip-on heart monitor, and a neural smart phone app to read the wearer’s brain waves and sense his or her mood.

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    When a user is relaxed, the company says the tail moves softly and slowly. When a user is concentrating, the tail moves hard. And could you guess, all this can be shared on the net, letting your friends know just how cat-like you’ve become.

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    The cat’s meow: New Japanese wearable gizmo mimics cat’s tail — wags to
    New York Daily News
    A Japanese company is making it just a little easier for humans to act like cats. But instead of offering nine lives, Japan’s Neurowear has introduced a wearable cat tail that wags when a user’s mood changes. Called Shippo — Japanese for “tail” — the


    A horrendous story contends that Sons Of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis not only murdered his landlady to death before he took his own life, but that he inhumanly beat her cat to death

    For more on this, click the following link:

    Johnny Lewis DID Beat Cat To Death
    It has been CONFIRMED that Sons Of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis not only murdered his landlady to death before he took his own life, but that he inhumanly beat her cat to death. SO SAD!!! Sources say that he didn’t use a weapon to kill the cat, but ..

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    Cat overpopulation problem continues in Beaufort County
    Hilton Head Island Packet
    You can also view photos and biographies of cats on the shelter’s website at, or on its Beaufort County Animal Shelter & Control Facebook page. Other ways to help: Volunteers are needed to play

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