A Patriotic Cat Show: Maine Coons and more


A Patriotic Cat Show showcases the
Maine Coon Cat and more

Honoring our many veteran’s groups from the Air Force to the Navy, to the Army to the Coast Guard and Marines.


Scottish Folds compete

Scottish Fold

These beautiful Maine Coon Cats


cat show coon

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    CFF Show Facts

    CFF Show facts

    The Cat Fanciers Federation, in conjunction with the United Maine Coon Cat Association, a group that has been devoted to the Maine Coon for 30 years, presented the Patriotic Cat Show over Veterans Day Weekend at Springvale, Maine Nasson Community Gym. All CFF shows have a theme, and with it being Veterans Day, a patriotic theme was in order. The show is sanctioned by The Cat Fancier’s Federation, Inc., and is subject to their show rules and standards.

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