Little Yellow and Baby Kitty Lenny play on the new cat tower

Kitty Paws says thanks for Thanksgiving and more

Little Yellow and Baby Kitty Lenny play on the new cat tower

Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect on the good things in life. We all – well maybe not the kitties –  spend too much time dwelling on the negative, thinking: if only, what if, I should have, I could have…I

  • If only we had more money
  • If only we had a new car
  • If only we had more time
  • What if I’d made different choices and done…

When it comes right down to it, what’s important in life is the people you care about, your health and your spiritual well-being. It’s being right with the ones you care about, and being the best person you can be. It’s not about all the stuff that we flit around searching for.

But sadly, for many, rather than being thankful and appreciative for all the good things in life, we stress over all the things we don’t have.

We all should take some pointers from felines. They don’t worry about money. They don’t worry about investments, finding a better job, or climbing the career ladder. They don’t worry about the car – as a matter of fact, they’d rather stay far clear of it. And when they are sick, rather than wining endlessly to everyone near them, they try to keep it to themselves.

Kitties live in the moment, and they are appreciative for what they have today, at this moment in time.

On this Thanksgiving, 2012, as a feisty feline,  Paws take a bit of time to say that he’s thankful for:

  • A pawsomely wonderful home where I can be thankful this Thanksgiving
  • A mom who takes good care of me and my siblings
  • A warm place to sleep
  • The warmth from the wood fire on those frosty winter nights
  • A bowl of fresh water
  • Some yummy treats
  • Annual trips to the vet to make sure I’m healthy
  • A nice sunny window where I can perch during the day
  • Snuggling up with mummy when she comes home at night
  • Having coffee with mum on the couch every morning
  • A nice big house with lots of room
  • Cardboard boxes where I can hide and then pounce on my siblings
  • Living with my feline family: Linus, Clyde, Lenny and Pink Collar
  • Lots of healthy dry food out on the counter for lunch
  • Toys, toys and more toys
  •  A snip of catnip once in a while
  • A beautiful long sleek yellow coat that many ooh and ahh over
  • Keen eyesight even in dim light
  • Great hearing making it easy to detect the slightest noise
  • A few rodents that get into the house so I can chase them
  • A mummy that will give all us something special for Thanksgiving dinner
  • A nice warm bed where I can snuggle up with mummy
  • Cat perches, beds, pillows and more
  • Lots of attention, conversation and petting
  • And last but most of all, I’m thankful for a lot of love

This might not have been my fate. When me and my three brothers were born, our kitty mummy disappeared and the family moved us out from a warm kitchen inside the trailer to a cold barn out with the cows. A family friend heard about this, took us in, and found good homes for each of us. I’m am so lucky. What more could I want….

What is your kitty thankful for on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day? I’m thankful to have found a good home, and my Thanksgiving wish is that each and every homeless or temporarily sheltered kitty can do the same.

5 responses to “Kitty Paws says thanks for Thanksgiving and more”

  1. Fur Everywhere Avatar
    Fur Everywhere

    We are thankful for lots of stuffs, too. We are thankful for our mommy, our noms, our warm house and warm beds. We are thankful that mommy gives us lots of loves and takes such good care of us – and even though we hate going, we are glad she takes us to the vet regularly. We are thankful for our toys and catnip!

  2. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren) Avatar
    Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren)

    that was a wonderful list of things to be thankful for and oh so true! We would be thankful if you ever stopped by to visit us MOL.

  3. Sparkle Avatar

    I have to admit, I am not a terribly grateful kitty, and I tend to shun my dinner if it is not up to my expectations. But then I have to remind myself of how good I have it compared to kitties who are homeless, or who get ignored by their humans, who don’t understand a kitty needs love and interaction as much as any other family member. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Cat Avatar

    I Love this. So grateful for my cats and all the good stuff in life. Happy day to you, BJ!

  5. Deena O'Daniel Avatar
    Deena O’Daniel

    We are all thankful for our healthy, for our family, for our home. So many people have lost so much this year that remembering the simple things – a home, a hot meal, a hot bath, family and friends – those are the things that really count. Our kitty was adopted from the Humane Society, a no-kill shelter. She has the best temperament ever and is a beautiful sweetheart.

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