Feral cats need food and water in winter.

Wordless Wednesday: What’s your cat’s 2013 wish?

What’s do you think these cats are wishing for in 2013?

Do you think it’s world peace, a kinder world for kitties and their people, or sugar-coated catnip mice?

Leave your cat conspicuous paw prints here and let Paws know what your kitties are dreaming of for the coming year.


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3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: What’s your cat’s 2013 wish?”

  1. Karen & Skeezix Avatar
    Karen & Skeezix

    Happy Bloghop! Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Gizmo Avatar

    Why do I think that what they’re really doing is betting on which tree branch the bird will land on? 🙂 No, I’m sure it’s world peace…cats are good that way

  3. askfisher Avatar

    I think the kitties are wishing all animals will find forever homes.