Wordless Wednesday: A Handsome Maine Coon & 2013 Resolutions

Cats scratching and kneading is hardwired into their behavior
Cats scratching and kneading is hardwired into their behavior


What a beautiful Maine Coon! Being able to show off these handsome cats are among my New Year’s Resolutions.

Other resolutions include:

  • Being more organized about everything in life
  • Blogging three times a week consistently
  • Tripling my blog following
  • Getting some financial compensation for all the time put into blogging
  • Using social media more effectively to promote my blog
  • Put together and publish my photo/rescue book
  • Accomplish everything listed above
  • Doing more photography and videography on my blog posts

How do we find the time to make all this happen? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Such a handsome Maine Coon! I like your resolutions because they are actually possible to accomplish. We share several of the same ones. My feline friends (Gracie and Benjamin Bunny) and I send you positive thoughts and motivational wishes in achieving your 2013 goals.

    • Thanks for your support. I like the idea of setting reasonable goals, ones that can be attainable. That way we are tracking successes and not setting ourselves up for disappointment. Good luck in 2013. I’m hoping to go to BlogPaws this coming May as well as attend as many BlogPaws Twitter parties as possible this year. After all, knowledge is power.


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