Cat smuggles weapons into jail

Cats speak out: what would you call a cat that helping someone break out of jail?

Cat smuggles weapons into jailThere’s a whole new cat language out there, and Paws went searching for how to describe a cat that’s been retained to facilitate a jail break.

You see, Paws for Reflection came across a news report posted earlier today that gave pause to the subject.

Prison guards in Brazil’s northeast Alagoas state reportedly stated they foiled a jailbreak plot with a surprising accomplice: a black and white cat. According to the CNN report, the cat had a cell phone, drills, assorted batteries and two saws taped to its body when it was spotted by guards on Dec. 31. The cat allegedly was about to enter the prison in Arapiraca. Prison officials believe the items attached to the cat were going  to facilitate a prison break, for one or more of the 250 inmates. The cat wasn’t talking. He was handed over to animal control, but it is doubtful further questioning will reveal the person that hired him.

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This story made Paws think is their a cat speak or lolcat language that would apply to this cat’s despicable behavior.

Paws started Googling. Merriam Webster defines a cat burglar as a burlar that is adept at entering and leaving the burglarized placed without attracting notice. Another definition count a catburglar, as a burglar who is especially skilled or stealthy or undetected entry of a premises

According to Cat-ch phrases – about cat related idioms, their meanings and histories – a cat burglar is  a nimble, silent, sneaky thief , referring to the way cats are able to sneak up and steal their prey.

Merriam-Webster Online defines jailbird, as an habitual criminal.

But it would appear cat bird wouldn’t be the correct in cat language. the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia calls a catbird a type of songbird “with wailing calls which resemble a cats meowing.”

A person that breaks out of prison is referred to as an escaped convict. In lolcatspeak  that translates to EXCAPD CONVICT.

If the president lets someone off it’s called parole. There was no cat translation for this. But, Paws will bet some readers,, would say this could be a pretty catty move.

Not to take someone aiding and abetting someone’s jail escape lightly, but Paws was curious to find if there was anything that would describe this event in cat language. Paws didn’t find anything. It may not exist yet, but it could with some creative thinking.

Weigh in with your thoughts on some new cat words.



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