Wordless Wednesday: My Russian Blue look alike

SIs cat Smokey Blue in Heaven or waiting for her human on the Rainbow Bridge.
Is cat Smokey Blue in Heaven or waiting for her human on the Rainbow Bridge.

My beloved Smokey Blue. May she RIP.

Did you ever have a Russian Blue? Have you lost any of your beloved felines? It’s not easy to lose one of our BFF’s. Please share your thoughts.

Smokey Blue A Russian Blue

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  1. I still get tears in my eyes when I think about my first cat, Abby. She was a 3-year-old gray Persian who looked like a pure-bred. The fact that I got her from my local no-kill shelter was truly amazing, but had I been just 10 minutes later, I would have missed her to someone else. I had her for 9 years until she developed failure of both kidneys. I never knew cats could be so sweet, lovable and loving, but Abby certainly was. I almost died myself when I lost her: we were so close.

    • We share many joyous moments with our kitties when they are with us, and we enjoy the many memories of them once they pass on. We grieve their loss, as we grieve the humans we loose. It’s amazing how attached we do become to them. Your Abby sounds like she was a beauty. May she RIP.

  2. Your kitty is precious- I lost a Tabby a few years ago, due to a tumor around his heart. He was good up until about a month before he died, he passed right in front of me, I held him, told him that I loved him.

    • Smokey Blue has been gone for some time. I also was with her when she passed. She showed her love through her eyes and actions till the bitter end. Sorry to hear about your Tabby. They always remain a part of us.


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