Cats that look like pin up girlsCatNews Friday finds pin-up cats  juxtaposed into positions of some very well-known pin-up girls as one of the latest crazes involving cats on the internet. There’s no doubt that cats are king on the web and that popularity is exponentially exploding by the day. This newest, and admittedly incredibly cool posting is just way off the top – and by that, Paws means awesomely funny. Check it out by clicking below.

Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls’ Needs To Become A Meme
Leave it to the internet to juxtapose classic pin up girl illustrations from artists like Alberto Vargas and pictures of cats similarly-posed. Ooo la la. Now there’s a site that is a one-stop shop for Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls (may be NSFW). The …

On a more serious note, we find the paradox that seems to be developing in the cat world. Cats are all the rage on the internet, but not necessarily in the neighborhood. One exception to this is the Goathouse Refuge, an animal sanctuary, tucked in the back woods in North Carolina, home to 300 cats. No one seems to be complaining, only commending her for helping the cats. For more on this, check out following two links:

300 Cats, Yes. Craziness, No.
New York Times
Some people come here to adopt a cat from the Goathouse Refuge, the animal sanctuary she runs, tucked back in the woods. Others come to buy her pottery or ceramic art, which is displayed in the sunny showroom on the first floor of this whimsical house: …

Where Cats Run Free – Slide Show –
In Pittsboro, N.C., Siglinda Scarpa has turned her home into an animal sanctuary.…/20130110-CATLADY.html

However many cats aren’t that lucky. Island cats pose issues that differ somewhat from mainland cats. A study in New Zealand reveals people have very different feelings towards ferals than stray or domestic cats. The general perception was to treat the domestics and strays with leniency. As for the ferals, the bottom line was it is ok to euthanize or execute them.

Companion Animal Psychology: Perceptions of Stray and Feral Cats …
People’s beliefs about the control of cats differ depending on whether they are stray or feral, according to a study in New Zealand

Virginia Beach is one of the most recent cities to consider limiting the number of cats a person can have in order to prevent hoarding. Paws asks how can these laws be enforced? How many cats constitutes hoarding? Isn’t it your business how many cats you have as long as you can provide all the love, support and medical care they need. Paws will be writing more on this in the future. But for now, check out Virginia Beach’s efforts by clicking on the link below.

Virginia Beach considers limit on cats in homes
The Virginian-Pilot
Could Virginia Beach become the second city in South Hampton Roads to limit the number of cats in your home? It’s possible, now that the city’s Animal Control Unit Advisory Committee has decided to talk about the issue. The city’s animal ordinances are…

CatNews Friday finds the furor surrounding good-hearted souls who feed feral cats still topping the news. Other stories involve horrendous conditions from hoarding, cats perishing in fires, and some fun stuff. Check out the links below at your leisure.

Woman’s fine for feeding stray cats in Pompano Beach sparks furor
So for the past three years, Sheehan, 72, has made the daily trek from her home in Deerfield Beach to neighboring Pompano Beach to feed a group of homeless cats, including two named Cinnamon and Sampson. Related; Cat lady’s labor of love · Cinnamon, …

Concord woman seeks to control trespassing cats
Boston Globe
Fellow residents shot down Lydia Lodynsky’s proposal calling for controls on cats last spring, but the issue is on track to come up for another vote at annual Town Meeting in April. Lodynsky has submitted a citizen’s petition article that would …

Cats Live Like Humans and Dinosaurs Make Great Pets in This Week’s Nintendo …
Cats Live Like Humans and Dinosaurs Make Great Pets in This Week’s Nintendo You like to live on the edge of urban animal husbandry. No domesticated felines or canines for you. It’s all ferrets, dingoes and boa constrictors in your often-raided abode.

News Corp. Tabloid Swaps Sex for Cats Among Brands Buffing Image
Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, the U.K’s. best-selling tabloid known for photos of topless women and celebrity sex scandals, is promoting goodwill and funny cats in its latest ad campaign to wipe away the January blues. Under its “Big Smile Giveaway …

Zambia bans hunting of big cats
She said that Zambia does not have adequate stocks of cats such as leopards and lions hence the decisions to ban the hunting of the species. Lions are found in all of Zambia’s major parks, but their numbers are limited. The total population is thought …