Wordless Wednesday: Cool cats

The Siamese kitty Linus

Check out these cool kitties that just happen to hang out with me. Aren’t they just the best? They may not be dressed in human attire, but they certainly are showing off their best cat-costumes. Share stories about your favorite furry friends by leaving some paw print and comments below.

Lenny a  handsome kitty

Lenny at seven months old

Lenny was rescued at one-week old. His parents were both feral. Believe me, he is no ordinary kitty.

The Siamese kitty Linus

Meet Linus, an absolutely handsome boy who changed mummy’s life forever. It was me that gave her the idea to write about cats. That’s where Paws for Reflection came from, even though it is my bro’s photo in the heading. I’m her Facebook logo though.

Little Yellow Silver Maine Coon Cat

And of course, do you recognize the header. I’m Little Yellow, and I inspire mummy to keep on blogging and writing about kitties. Well, yes, me and my other feline siblings.

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