Six cats not happy about Monday's inaugurationCatNews Friday finds six unhappy cats say their piece about President Obama’s inauguration, while Digisocial lets you attach voice to your photos. An accident finds 1,000 cats on their way to Chinese restaurants, and New York City goes all out when the Architects for Animals builds some fancy digs for the million homeless cats in the city.

Hank the Cat, Socks Clinton and four other cats are not to happy about President Obama’s inauguration on Monday, Jan. 21. Just like people, some of these kitties give their reasons they aren’t so happy about Monday’s event. Sometimes it just comes down to special interests. Here’s a slide show that’s a bit of a spoof on the whole deal.

6 cats that are not excited about Inauguration Day [SLIDESHOW …
By Taylor Bigler
Millions of people and their feline masters will switch on the television on Jan. 21.
The Daily Caller

When you think there’s nothing more that can be done with the cats craze on the internet, something else pops up. Just this week, Digisocial was launched. This free iPhone app allows users to take a still photo and record a sound clip to layer over it. They can also comment on these VoicePhotos with their own audio, and then they share the VoicePhotos with others who have the app, or share a link to them via Facebook or Twitter. We’ll have a whole new group of talking cats and whatever else. For more on this story, check out this link.

Talking Cats: Digisocial Lets You Add Voice to Pics
You thought photo sharing couldn’t get more self-involved. Turns out you were wrong. Now that vain girl/guy who takes photos of her/himself in the mirror and posts them all over social networks can also add voice captions to them. “Kisses!” Digisocial …

There could be as many as a million homeless animals on New York’s City’s streets, most of them being cats. On Jan. 10, Architects for Animals” held its third annual Giving Shelter fundraiser at Manhattan’s Steelcage Showroom to help those community cats brave the elements and survive the freezing temperatures.

The event benefited the Mayor’s Alliance NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a not for profit organization committed to solving New York City’s feral cat overpopulation crisis through the humane, non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return program. For more on this, check out the links below.

Architects For Animals’ Gives Shelter To Street Cats In New York
CBS Local
According to the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals, there are as many as a million homeless animals living on the streets of New York, most of them cats. For the third year, “Architects for Animals” held its annual Giving Shelter fundraiser …

Architects for Animals gives shelter to feral cats
Mother Nature Network
There are a million homeless animals living on the streets of New York City, and most of them are cats, according to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. But many of these feral felines will soon have a home to call their own, thanks to Architects for

Feral Cats In Washington Heights Have Better Digs Than You
BlackBook Magazine
The cat shelters is all part of a three-year-old program called the NYC Feral Cat Initiative. These new digs in Washington Heights are one of eight locations (another park, a church, etc.) to get new outdoor feral cat shelters created by city …

CatNews Friday finds the city of Barker, NY, a town of about 500, gets the significance of TNR when it comes to feral cats. Town officials were meeting with representatives from Feral Cat Focus,  a group founded about ten years ago to handled similar feral cat issues throughout Western New York

With the mile winter last year, the feral cat population expanded. And when the an abandoned house on Lake Road in Somerset was demolished this summer, they found more than 100 cats. The Village Board has invited representatives of Feral Cat Focus to address the public Monday. For more on this story, check out the link below.

Barker sets meeting with experts on feral cats
Buffalo News
“We had a small problem, but it got bigger with the mild winter we had last year and then the demolition of the abandoned house on Lake Road in Somerset this summer, where they found more than 100 cats,” Mayor Herb Meyer said. “I thought we’d better ..


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