Cat News: Cats Rule in Pacific Northwest and Northeast; epileptic cats to benefit from immune therapies

Lenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans
Lenny, a feral kitten, learned everything from humans. His parents, Faith and Blake, never bonded with the rescued kitty.

Kitty friends foreverCats rule in Seattle, with 34.2 percent of people over 18 owning a cat. As a matter of fact, cat households outnumber those with kids by 50 percent. They outnumber dog owners by 17 percent.

It would appear that trend goes across the Pacific northwest. In the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon metro area, a staggering 49.1 percent of those over 18 own cats. In Portland, Ore, the number is 37.3 and in Spokane, Wash., the number is 35.5.

It seems like cats do pretty well in the northeast as well. Rochester, NY comes in at 38.2 percent and southern New Hampshire ranks at 37.9 percent. We should take into account these are metro area. Vermont folks own the most cats with Maine coming in second. There’s no doubt, people in the northwestern and northeast corner of the United States love their cats.

Considering the northwest is known for households with more dogs that kids. Only 20 percent of the households in Seattle-Tacoma have kids. That ranks up with San Francisco and Washington, DC, for kidless cities.  The latter cities don’t rank in the top when it comes to cats, but for those in Seattle, the cats come out on top.

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In Seattle, it’s cats, dogs and kids — in that order
The Seattle Times (blog)
Seattle has more dogs than children. We’ve practically become famous for it. OK, not as famous as we are for coffee or rain, but still. The nation has certainly taken notice. Our canine-to-kid ratio has been written about in USA Today, The New York ..


It would appear that cats with epilepsy might benefit from immunotherapy. Recently, partners in Oxford and Budapest, Akos Pakozdy and his colleagues at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna have identified what causes a certain form of epilepsy in cats, where the cat’s immune system attacks particular proteins in nerve cell’s membranes. Symptoms, of what they believe is a widespread form of epilepsy in cats, include twitching facial muscles, a fixed stare, chewing motions and heavy dribbling. A similar type of epilepsy occurs in humans: an inflammation in the brain, known as limbic encephalitis, leads to epileptic seizures that generally manifest on one side of the body in the arm and face.

For more on this, check out the following link.

Cats and Humans Suffer from Similar Forms of Epilepsy
Science Daily (press release)
Feb. 1, 2013 — There is something sinister about epilepsy: the disease affects the very core of our being, our brain. Epileptic attacks can lead to seizures throughout the body or in parts of it. Clouding of consciousness or memory lapses are also …

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    Here’s good news to cat people and those trying to help them. Minneapolis is moving away from euthanizing them. Rather they are considering an ordinance allowing them to be sterilized. Hats off to this city for recognizing the value of an intensive sterilization program and the value of Trap, Neuter, Return. Check out the following story for more info on this.

    Mpls. to consider sterilizing stray cats
    Minnesota Public Radio
    MINNEAPOLIS — The city of Minneapolis is considering a new way of dealing with stray cats. Later this spring, City Council Member Cam Gordon will introduce an ordinance allowing the cats to be sterilized rather than euthanized. Gordon said killing


    And for a hysterious George Carlin rendition on cats, as only George Carlin can do, check out Steve Dale’s blog video post that will leave you in stitches – that is if you like George Carlin and cats, and maybe even if you don’t.

    Truth About Cats, George Carlin
    ChicagoNow (blog)
    “You don’t have to pet a cat, just put your cat over him and he’ll do all the work,” George Carlin on cats. “Ever pet a cat who’s lying flat. Before you’re finished his ass his halfway up in the air. It’s like you pressed the ass button, or something …


    Learn about providing foster care for cats and kittens
    The Seattle Times
    Volunteer foster parents provide temporary homes for immature, injured and sick cats and kittens in need of nuturing and rehabilitation or just a break from the shelter setting. The shelter provides any necessary veterinary care. For the volunteers and …

    Zoetis loves dogs and cats, but really loves cows and pigs
    Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
    Zoetis loves dogs and cats, but really loves cows and pigs. Zoetis, which is the animal drug business of Pfizer, Inc., is scheduled to begin trading today under the ticker symbol ZTS on the New York Stock Exchange. 0. comments. Tweet. email ..

    Seventeen cats seized by SPCA ready for adoption
    Separate because the cats came in with a host of issues, from fleas to respiratory infections and dehydration, after SPCA officials removed 17 of them from a small Ithaca apartment. Neighbors called after noticing the owner had been gone for more than ….

    Rocket-Propelled Cats and Other Feline Weapons of War
    I am not aware of any army using rocket-propelled cats. I am certain that this is one of those Wiley E. Coyote ideas that will backfire on the user. Perhaps the Renaissance writer who conceived it had a vision of a fire-streaming cat running through …

    161 cats taken from home in Colorado Springs
    Denver Post
    Jacy Showers from Wild Blue Rescue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary takes one of the cats that came from a cat hoarding situation in southwestern Colorado Springs to be transported to their rescue in Black Forest on Tuesday, January 29, 2013. (Jerilee Bennett …

    More Indoor Cats, That’s Good; Not So Good Are Fat and Bored Cats
    ChicagoNow (blog)
    More cats are finding themselves indoors only, in America and around the world. The results should benefit cats. But do they really? I am a huge fan of keeping cats inside only because I KNOW they are safer. Having said that, too many cat owners are

    Love those cats
    Pacifica Tribune
    Kathy Pantoleon, a retired teacher, who works now as a private tutor in the Park Mall, and her husband John, have collected a lot of cat knickknacks and cat outfits over the years. “It’s gone beyond an obsession,” she said. “Little by little, I started …

    Companion Animal Psychology: Homeless Cats in Canada
    By CAPB
    The CFHS surveyed organizations that are responsible for homeless cats, such as humane societies, SPCAs, rescues and municipal animal controls, as well as veterinarians. They also conducted a telephone survey of the general public.

    Three Cats Hit with a Crossbow in One Day
    A Stanislaus County city is dealing with a rash of assaults on cats after three cats were hit with a crossbow in one day. The Newman Police Department fielded three reports of cats being hit with a crossbow on Saturday. One cat was hit in the back, and …

    Cat Rescue denied permit – Zambai rescued 2000 cats in last three years
    Casper Journal
    The Casper Planning and Zoning Commission last week denied a conditional use permit for the continued use of a shelter operated by Casper Cat Rescue, which was housing upwards of 200 rescued cats. In denying the request, several commission

    3 cats shot with darts found Newman neighborhood
    NEWMAN, CA – Three cats that were shot with darts from a cross bow were found walking in a northeast Newman neighborhood Saturday. Residents in the area of Sweetgum Lane, Amy Drive and Sumac Lane called Newman police around 9:30 a.m., noon …

    STOP the massacre and extermination of cats ! PLEASE SIGN – Care2
    By Cher C.
    Some otochtones, unscrupulous welfare of their animals, refusing sterilization, prefer to “take care themselves “and do not hesitate to get rid of them by shooting with firearms or poisoning.

    Compulsive hoarder discovered living with 67 dead cats stored in her freezer
    New York Daily News
    Irene Vandyke, a 50-year-old woman in upstate New York was found by authorities last week to be living with more than 100 cats in feces-filled crates stacked from floor to the ceiling throughout her home. But it was the 67 dead felines stuffed inside …

    11 dogs, 4 cats killed in south side fire
    INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Fire Department says 11 dogs and four cats were killed in a fire on the south side of Indianapolis early Sunday morning. The incident occurred just after midnight in the 40 block of Habig Road. This is near West

    Authorities remove 99 cats from house
    Authorities remove 99 cats from house. Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2013 1:21 PM EST. Updated: Sunday, January 27, 2013 1:21 PM EST. New York authorities remove dozens of dead cats and many more live ones from a house in Schoharie County

    U-T San Diego
    Nearly 450 show cats shared the spotlight with several dozen rescues, some preening and competing for champion and grand premier status while others purred their way into adoption. The two-day show, which continues today, typically draws up to 8,000 …

    15 dogs, cats killed in Indianapolis house fire
    WRTV Indianapolis
    “The other 11 dogs and four cats did not survive the fire,” Tracy said. “IFD crews had to navigate through extreme storage and debris in the home to get to the seat of the fire.” Damage to the home was estimated at $50,000. Copyright 2013 Scripps Media …

    67 Dead Cats Taken From NY Home
    ABC News
    Authorities say 67 dead cats and 99 living cats had to be removed from a filthy home in upstate New York. Officials removed the cats from a home in Wright, near Albany, on Wednesday night. The Times Union of Albany ( ) reports the …

    Woman rejects help despite 67 dead cats
    Albany Times Union
    WRIGHT —The Schoharie County woman who kept 67 dead cats in clear plastic bags in her freezer and had another 99 felines living in crates stacked floor-to-ceiling in unsanitary conditions repeatedly refused to give up any of the animals to shelter ..

    Cats die in Santa Cruz house fire
    Santa Cruz Sentinel
    SANTA CRUZ — Two cats died and at least four people were displaced from their home in a fire Friday night. Several people called 911 about 7:05 p.m. to report the blaze at 720 Almar Ave., said Santa Cruz Battalion Chief Jason Hajduk. At least four …

    67 dead cats and 99 live cats taken from NY home
    Officials removed the cats from a home in Wright, near Albany, on Wednesday night. The Times Union of Albany ( ) reports the dead cats were packed in plastic bags in the freezer and the live cats were in crates stacked floor to ceiling.

    Two cases of dogs and cats being ridiculously cute
    CBS News
    (CBS News) If I’ve learned anything during my time here at The Feed, it’s this: when in doubt about the next post, go with something ridiculously cute. So here are two cases of dogs and cats turned up to an adorable overload level on the dial starting ..

    Odds and ends: Drunken snowman sex; war on cats; new gun threats
    Note how the cat does not freak and abandon its car on the side of the road, does not rush to the store to stock up on milk and bread, and does not act like death is falling from the sky. Learn from the cat, Portland. Then you can click through and see …

    Alexis Madrigal/The Atlantic
    The Atlantic
    He has called for the neutering of all living cats in New Zealand to ensure that this is the country’s last kitty generation and has gone as far as to encourage citizens to set up cage-traps on their properties to snatch wanderers. We emailed Morgan to …

    Scores of live, dead cats found in upstate NY home
    Wall Street Journal
    Local media outlets report that a raid by police and animal welfare organizations found cats living in deplorable conditions at a home in the Schoharie County town of Wright, 20 miles west of Albany. Workers at the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley …

    Pet-Crazy Vermont Is Going To The Cats
    The Vermont Standard
    Today, in the 21st century, Vermont leads this country in cat ownership with almost 50 percent of households owning at least one, according to recent research by the American Veterinary Medical Association. “I’m not surprised at all,” said Dr. Lynn …

    Couple evicted, leaves more than 40 cats behind
    SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Authorities in Savannah say two people have been given more than 180 city ordinance violations for moving out of a home and leaving over 40 cats and kittens behind. Police Tuesday said 40-year-old Evan Bolin and 41-year-old

    Officials: Heater For Cats Ignited Joppatowne Blaze
    A heating unit used to keep stray pets warm ignited a fire Wednesday that damaged both a boat and the Joppatowne house where it was parked, the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office said Thursday. The fire caused approximately $225,000 in combined …

    Dallas man keeps cats after Problem Solver helps him obtain apartment pet …
    Dallas Morning News
    William Smith, who has had head injuries and suffers from bipolar disorder, rescued two dumped cats – including Ella (left) – and they have become “my whole life.” He knew there was a deposit at his complex and tried to save toward it. He has been …

    Dozens of dead cats found in area home
    Oneonta Daily Star
    HOWES CAVE — Ninety-nine cats were being nurtured back to health Thursday while the bodies of another 67 were found crammed in a woman’s freezer in what authorities called a bizarre case of animal neglect. The live cats were seized one day earlier ..



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