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Thanks to all the kitty moms, human and feline

Today is Mother’s Day, and we’d be remiss if we did not honor all the kitty moms around the world, whether they be human or feline.

If it wasn’t for the love and support of these moms, us kittens wouldn’t even have a life at all. While the felines are responsible for the early weeks of care, the humans that open up their homes to cats of all ages, should be recognized. Many do much more than just opening up their homes to the cats. They adopt them as members of their family. And they become moms to their special feline family.

All kitties around the world, and our pet friends, give our pet moms, A Very Special Thanks and an AWESOME Mother’s Day. Thanks Moms….


Lenny is happy to have a special mom. He’s been sharing quarters with Paws’ mom for almost a whole year. Mummy helps Friends of Feral Felines who trap/spay & neuter/return feral cats. My parents were ferals, and I was born in a brush pile set to be burned. I was rescued at one-week-old, and I was bottle fed until Mummy could adopt me. I have a great life. I just love to chase my tail in the middle of Mummy’s bed in the middle of the night. Thanks to Mummy, I have a great life. Happy Mom’s Day….you deserve it.

Big Silver Maine Coon hangs out on an inside door Little Yellow was thrown out in a barn before he came to live with Paws’ mom. He’s had a great home and lots of love for over five years. Mom almost lost the little boy when he decided to chew on an Easter Lilly. That rush to the animal hospital proved just how special Mummy really is. Do I look familiar? You guessed it. I’m in Paws’ heading. I’m a very special silver coon, and I’m really lucky to have a Mummy that would do anything for me.

The Siamese kitty Linus

How could a cat as handsome as Linus end up at the Animal Shelter. Well, he did, and thanks to Paws’ mom, he’s been spoiled with tons of love and special treats. His special place is sharing Mom’s lap with Little Yellow when she’s having her morning coffee. Mom rescued me and my brother Tubby. Unfortunately Tubby succumbed a few years ago to FIP. Tubby was very lucky that Mom took such great care of him and made sure his last days were comfortable and filled with lots of love.



Now I’m a gorgeous girl, and I know it, But how could I have ended up at an Animal Shelter. Paws’ mom adopted me when I was just six-months-old. Pink Collar is a bit spoiled and a tad of a madame. Mom has tailored my diet, and now I get special food so that I stop getting those urinary track infections. Did I say Mummy has spent alot of money on me. She sure has, and I’m grateful. She’s the best!!

Tuxedo Cat

I’m Clyde, and well I’m kind of adopted from Mummy’s mom who is now living in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. But I’m treated just as well, if not a tad better, than her own kitties. I’m getting older, and the other kitties are starting to pick on me. Mummy is making sure that I have free reign of the upstairs, and get a bit more peace and quiet. She’s really standing up for me. Could I wish for a better Mom? No way. She’s awesome.


Smokey Blue A Russian Blue

I’m Smokey Blue, and while I’m looking forward to joining Mummy on the Rainbow Bridge someday. I’ve been gone for some time, but Mummy still thinks about me every day. I had a wonderful life with Mummy for almost 20 years. That’s a long time to spend with a special person. Mummy – I still love you.

Do you have some special stories about your feline children. My cats are definitely my family. As I lose the people that were once near and dear, I grow closer to my cats. For that reason, I share their thoughts and their thanks on Mother’s Day, because I indeed, am their Mom. Please share your stories. And as a reminder, be a responsible kitty mom, and have your cats spay/neutered. While we love the little ones, kitties can reproduce rapidly. Spay/neuter, responsible pet ownership, and proper vet care is the best thing you can do for your kitty children.

2 responses to “Thanks to all the kitty moms, human and feline”

  1. Deena O'Daniel Avatar
    Deena O’Daniel

    Beautiful cats, lucky to have new loving homes. My cat is a gift from the Humane Society – sweet, affectionate, puts up with Dakota the Corgi, and she’s beautiful.

  2. Janet@TheCatOnMyHead Avatar

    What a beautiful family with such wonderful stories of rescue. Bet you’ll be getting lots of TLC (tender loving cat), cuddles and snuggles today. Enjoy. Happy Mother’s Day! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

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