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Hill’s expands effort to help pets remain healthy, formalizing a new Disaster Relief Network

2013ShelterFactSheet050613HFSLversion_JHeditsWhile Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ program has donated more than $240 million worth of Hill’s® Science Diet® brand foods to nearly 1,000 shelters nationwide and helped more than 7 million pets find new homes since 2002, this past May they expanded their efforts creating the Disaster Relief Network, allowing them to  increase the reach of its assistance to pets, pet owners and communities during natural disasters and emergencies.

Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ program the program helps feed more than 100,000 homeless pets across the country every day. Now they are going a step further, helping pets and their people find some solace during events that raise havoc with their everyday lives in a split second.

This should come as no surprise since Hill’s has a strong record of responding when emergency resources are needed during major natural disasters. More notably, they’ve responded during:

  • Last year’s Hurricanes Sandy
  • 2012 Hurricane Isaac
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina,
  • The Waldo Canyon wildfire near Colorado Springs in 2012
  • The 2011 tornadoes in Joplin, MO,
  • The 2011 tsunami in Japan.
  • Hill’s also joined forces with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation in 2010 to support more than 90 veterinary shelters and clinics along the Gulf Coast struggling to respond to a record number of pets in need, whose owners were unable to provide needed pet food and medical care in the wake of the Gulf Coast oil spill.
  • And most recently the 2013 devastating floods in Colorado

It’s heartbreaking enough to go through a natural disaster, say anything about losing your pet, something that can give people and their families great solace during a turbulent time. The whole complexion of your life and it’s surroundings can change in just seconds.

Knowing that Hills, and others, go out of their way to help brings some level of comfort.

In a Hills press release issued in May 2013, Kostas Kontopanos, president of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. U.S. “The Hill’s Disaster Relief Network formalizes the work Hill’s has done with shelters throughout the country. Together, we can respond as quickly as possible when animals and their communities are impacted by disaster across the country. We are very proud of our strong relationships with shelters. When disasters happen, Hill’s is ready to respond with emergency food shipments within hours.”  According to a fact sheet published by Hills, they’ve put new energies into the new Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ program April 1, 2013, soliciting advice from the shelter community, to ensure we wisely invest our food donations in a way that maximizes the positive impact for pets. This allowed us to make two significant improvements to our program: Science Diet® pet food is now available to any eligible US shelter at a significant discount, and our program remains open 365 days a year. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with more than 150 eligible applications submitted within 3 months. Our commitment to supporting animal shelters is as strong as ever.

Kitty friends foreverTheir goal is to keep pets healthy by giving them good nutrition in times of turmoil furthering their mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.

To find out more about Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love TM Disaster Relief Network at Hill’s website. To request assistance during an emergency, shelters can contact Hill’s at DisasterRelief@hillspet.com.

that when you adopt, you provide a shelter pet with another chance at finding love and a forever home. The goal of the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ Program is simple: to provide dogs and cats with superior nutrition that will make them healthier, happier and more adoptable as they wait for their forever home. They believe that healthy pets are more adoptable pets. Along with expert care from shelter staff and volunteers, Hill’s® Science Diet® plays a vital role in the ability of shelters to help pets find their forever homes.

For more information, visit;

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Have you ever gone through a natural disaster with your pet? Do you have any experience with Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ Program? Do you think good nutrition and healthy pets makes them more adoptable, especially for the senior pets? Please share your thoughts and stories.


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