Cats check out Hill's Gourmet Cat Food.
Linus and Lenny check out Hill’s Gourmet Cat Food. (BJ Bangs photo)

Hill’s® Science Diet® has a whole selection of gourmet cat food, special cat treats, and dry cats foods that just might help you give your special kitties a little extra during the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

And with that, Paws for Reflection is offering a give-away of 20 gift baskets. Yes, that’s right, 20. Sign up during the month of November, and 20 lucky winners will receive a Hill’s® Science Diet® gift basket that includes the following:

What better way to share some great tasting, healthy cat food with your cat than by being one

 Cats check out Hill's Gourmet Cat Food.
What’s this. Cats want to try out Hill’s Gourmet Canned Cat Food. (BJ Bangs photo)

of the 20 lucky winners. And what better way to share something special with your kitty than by trying your chance to win.

It seems like fine food and the holidays go hand in hand. And many of us want to extend these celebrations to our feline friends, as we look for ways to give them a little extra TLC and fine cuisine, extra treats, and new playthings for their enjoyment as well as ours.

Gourmet implies exceptional quality, well prepared, fine ingredients, sophistication, and fit forHill's Science Diet Gourmet Canned Cat Food royalty (and aren’t our cats just that) and fine food connoisseurs around the world. As the holidays are upon us, we humans are looking for a way to share their pleasures with our special felines. What better way of doing this than entering for your chance to win one of the 20 gift baskets. This will allow you and your kitty to indulge in Hill’s healthy cat food, which also can be quite tasty as well.

HillshiresWhile we as humans are inclined to give our cats table scraps, this is not a good idea. Sharing our food with our felines can backfire. The article, “Understanding Your Cats” on Hills websitee, maintains that a giving a ten pound cat a  piece of cheese is equivalent to giving them three full chocolate bars. Table scraps are empty calories for cats. Hills maintains that cats “need precisely balanced nutrition for their specific life stage and special needs to remain healthy. A cat food like Hill’s® Science Diet® is great because it gives cats exactly what they need without any excess nutrients that might be harmful.”

According to Matt McMillen’s pet health feature on Pets.WebMD, com, “What You Need to Know About Feeding Your Cat,  because cats are carnivores, their dietary needs are very different from those of dogs and humans. Moreover they do not process carbohydrates well.

That article suggests that when you chose a cat food, check that the label to make sure it meets the standards set by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). That ensures that the food meets at least the minimum nutritional needs of your cat.  Once you’ve made your choice, let your cat do a taste test to see if kitty likes it.

(Photo courtesy Hill's Pet Nutrition)

Further, Hills suggests only feeling your feline Hills brand because:

  • Dilute the precise balance of Hill’s nutrition
  • Cause undesired weight gain
  • Expose your pet to higher levels of certain minerals

Canned food can be a real treat for your kitties. H