Wordless Wednesday: No turkeys for this kitty & last chance to enter #HillsPet basket give-away


Getting kitties to cooperate when you want to take a quick picture is not so easy. Here, my Siamese Linus, wants no pat of a set-up photo with these birds.

Linus and turkey






This weekend is the last chance to enter Paw’s give-away of 20 gift baskets from Hill’s® Science Diet®
Sign up during the month of November, and 20 lucky winners will receive a Hill’s® Science Diet® gift basket that includes the following:

Enter to win one of 20 Hills Science Diet Gift Baskets.
Enter to win one of 20 Hills Science Diet Gift Baskets. (Photo courtesy HillsPet)

Just send Paws your email address and shipping address in the contact form, and put Hills gift basket in the subject line. Winners will be drawn after midnight on Dec. 2. Winners will be notified via email. Contest rules are set forth here. Paws for Reflection will post a photo of the gift basket once photos are available? Because Paws has been having some technical difficulty with the contact form, please go to Paws Facebook page and leave your email address so that we can make sure you are entered into this exciting drawing. If you like the page, we’ll enter you for a second chance to win the gift basket. For more details about the contest, and more info about Hills Gourmet cat food, click here.

How do you get your kitties to cooperate when you’re trying to get a special photo of them. Share your thoughts to be included in an upcoming post on getting your cats to sit tight while you run for the camera.

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    BJ Bangs is an established journalist, photographer, and an aspiring author. She loves everything about cats, including writing about them.


    1. Why yes, we experienced the same with our Tonkinese just last night, trying to get him to pose with our menorah. NOT! ~ “mom”

      And this surprises you? We kittehs are NOT set on this Earth to please you humans! So THERE! Harumpf. ~ Faraday


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