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Sharing ‘Help’ Video: Hundreds of reasons to spay/neuter your cat

The video below outlines the many, many reasons to spay/neuter your cat. From the eyes of a cat, and put to the music of the Beatles’s song ‘Help’, it says it all. Paws mom stumbled across this video in looking for some info about feral cats. Spay/neuter is important for all cats: feral, indoor spoiled cats, and those that are inside/outside.

While Paws for Reflection is all about original content, sometimes there’s something so poignant and well done, we just have to share. In this case, we just had to share (and take absolutely no credit except to share) because the video created by RebAdler Productions a few years ago says it all.

What do you think of this video? What innovative ideas to you have about spay/neuter? How do you think we can best get the message thru – Spay/Neuter Your Pet.

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