Wordless Wednesday: Spoiled Cats



It’s not just some lap time that makes our kitties spoiled. It’s how we treat them. Recognize, Paws. Well, he’s one lucky feline because his mummy has spent buckets on keeping him well. In addition to the dollars, she has to stay close
to home, or hire a cat sitter, because he gets pills twice a day! That may not be everyone’s definition of spoiled, but he’s one lucky kitty. Not all pet parents would make that commitment.he’s just one big baby. His mom went out on a limb to help him when he was rescued from a brush pile. His mummy and daddy were ferals. The only wild thing about Len is that he likes to play.
What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve mad for your cat. Pictured below is Lenny. Well, he’s just still a baby – at a year and a half. Full of vim and vinegar, Lenny is a very lucky boy. Mummy helped rescue him from a brush pile. His parents were both feral, and as with most outside cats, their lives were very short. His human hopes he’ll have a very long life, and she spoils him rotten so he will.
What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for your cats? How do you spoil them? Is it through treats, play, or buying them special gifts? Please share.

Lenny at seven months old

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