The Siamese kitty Linus

If your cat could become an Olympian, what sport would he pursue?

If your cat could become an Olympian, what sport would he pursue?

As the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 draws to a close today, Paws pondered that question.

Little Yellow and Pink Collar would be great kitty Olympians
Little Yellow and Pink Collar would be great kitty Olympians with Linus being an awesome commentator

At a year and a half years old, Lenny is full of vim and vinegar.

Ready to watch his favorite video
Clyde loves high places

He loves to stop from a dead run and skate across the floor. There’s no doubt, speed skating would be a perfect fit.

Clyde, is a tuxedo scardey cat. He loves to hide in high places, especially the tall curio in the living room. He has no problem jumping down those six feet. Because he doesn’t seem to be afraid of heights, we’d enter him in ski jumping.

My Pink Collar is no tiny gal, and she is a master at guarding her food. We’d make her a goalie on the women’s hockey team.

Little Yellow, also Paws, still plays and has his fun, but he likes to direct the rest. He’s a good leader, and we’d put him on the men’s bobsled team, maybe with the other kitties as his team.

The Siamese kitty Linus
As for Linus, he’s full of charm and wit. We’d even call him a bit stylist. No sport seems to fit. But we’ll bet he could hold his own with Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, who did commentary for NBC for the Shochi Winter Olympics. We hard that The duo are leaving they’ll be heading to Los Angeles, where they’ll critique fashion at the Oscars for Access Hollywood. If Linus can’t stack up with them, perhaps he could fill in for NBC Sports Commentator Bob Costas. Linus’ only red eye is when the camera gets him dead on.

It’s only two years before the summer games will be here. Track and field, some of the short sprints – can’t you just see you favorite feline sprinting to the finish line.

If your cat could be an Olympian, what sport do you think he would excel at? Please weigh in on this discussion for some fun.

10 responses to “If your cat could become an Olympian, what sport would he pursue?”

  1. Ruth Avatar

    Our youngest kitty, Sammie would be a great runner and jumper from high places, plus he can jump up on platforms! <3

    1. BJ Avatar

      They are more entertaining that the Olympians on TV. So fun to watch em!

  2. eva grzelak Avatar
    eva grzelak

    My cats would vie for the pole-vaulting gold medal, especially if it were made of beef…or tuna…or chicken….

    1. BJ Avatar

      Poles made of food. Interesting idea.

  3. Diane Reaves Avatar
    Diane Reaves

    Curling, for sure. Though Katya might cheat a bit with her paws.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Now that would be quite the sight to see!

  4. Kathleen Avatar

    Scooter loves to play with his pom-pom. He tosses it, chases it, gets it out of tight spots; he would be a hockey player for sure.

  5. Jobi and Fisher Avatar
    Jobi and Fisher

    I would have to choose our youngest kitty – Alice from the Palace. Her strength is in the the 19 feet 4paw race our apartment is not very huge). The minute our doorbell rings she is off like a flash to her Girl Cave under the bed. I am pretty sure she cannot be beat.

    1. bjbangs Avatar

      I can just imagine. Got any pictures?? Would love to share.

    2. BJ Avatar

      And I’ll bet her paws go every which way as she scurrying as fast as she can!

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