Kitty safe inside; 3 feet of snow & rising

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty safe inside – 3 feet of snow & rising

Well, it’s not 3 feet all at once, but it’s about 3 feet so far this month. The snow is about even with the kitchen window. Kitties are safe inside, getting a look at the fluffy white stuff, while they’re safe inside.

Paws hasn’t seen many kitties roaming around outside this winter. It’s probably because the snow is just too deep for them to walk in. We wonder
how well suited kitties’ feet are for the snow. We know they are around because we find the paw tracks on the car underneath the car port. How are the cats in your area faring this winter, that just doesn’t want to end. Please share your thoughts.

Lenny at seven months old


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4 responses to “Kitty safe inside; 3 feet of snow & rising”

  1. Sparkle Avatar

    We live in southern California, and I always worry about the outdoor kitties in your northern climates in the winter. :-(

    1. BJ Avatar

      I’ve only seen 1 cat outside all winter, and the poor kitty was up to his belly in snow. I really wanted to go out and bring him in, but I knew he probably was one of the neighbor’s cats. Lucky Sparkle in sunny California. Send some sunshine our way. And by the way, Sparkle has my vote for California state cat.

  2. Kitty Cat Chronicles Avatar
    Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Down here in Georgia we don’t get so much snow… We did a few inches this year, plus an “ice storm.” We put out a covered bed and food for the neighborhood stray/feral kitties when it was really cold. Glad your kitties are safe inside! Hope your snow disappears soon – it’s officially spring!!!

    1. BJ Avatar

      Send some sunshine our way. This year winter just does not want to give up. Bet the Georgia kitties are enjoying some sunny days.

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