15 cat facts Paws learned at a cat show & still time to enter #Hills Give-Away

Maine Coon Cats come in all sorts of colors.
Maine Coon Cats come in all sorts of colors.

Here are 15 cat facts, and interesting tidbits that Paws’ mom learned at a cat show.

1) To be a point, an Oriental must have blue eyes.

2) An Egyptian Mau can be black, or smoky colored, in addition to the more common Silver Egyptian Mau.

3) Orientals can be black, but the black ones won’t have blue eyes.

4) Bengals and Savannah’s are still considered controversial because they ‘originally were a cross breed with a wild cat’.

5) There are two basic Bengal patterns: spotted/rosetted, and marble, with many variations of each pattern.

6) Show cats are first divided by length of hair – long hair and short hair.

7) The judges book contains the entry numbers, breeds, categories, divisions, colors/patterns, age of the cat on the day of the show, classification (kitten, adult, alter, etc.) and the sex of each cat to be judged.

8) The color of the markers on top of the kennels in the show ring determine the category. The C stands for color and D notates the division.

9) Cats are never grey. They are considered blue.

10) It’s not a negative for a cat to be big and solid, but a bulging tummy won’t win any prizes.

11) A top show cat’s owner can spend upwards to $100,000 a year to win Best Cat in their Division in the Country.

12) Cat people will stop at no length to get the cat they’ve fallen for. One cat show contestant had her 2 Orientals, one white and one black, brought to New York from Latvia (and indeed they were beauties). By the way, they flew with the passengers, not in cargo.

13) If a calico’s black is not solid black, they are excluded from the calico division.

14) Not all cats at the show are all that happy to be judged.2013 NauTICAts Cat Show (37)2013 NauTICAts Cat Show (43)

15) Other cats, love being shown so much, they put on a show, entertaining the judge and audience as well.

These 15 fun facts came from The International Cat Show (TICA) judges and others attending the annual NauTICAts show in Augusta, Maine. Every time Paws’ mom attends a cat show, she finds out just how much more there is to learn about cats. Do you go to cat shows? What’s the most interesting or fun fact you’ve learned about cats at a show? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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2 responses to “15 cat facts Paws learned at a cat show & still time to enter #Hills Give-Away”

  1. Diane Reaves Avatar
    Diane Reaves

    You info about not having gray cats really interested me, BJ? The first time I took my Russian Blue to the vet they asked me what her color was. I hesitated, because she looks gray, but she’s a blue, and I didn’t say anything, other than her breed. So, now I know, she’s blue.
    Do you know why a cat who looks gray is not gray? I’m curious.
    Thanks. Diane

    1. BJ Avatar

      I’m not sure why, but it has something to do with the genetics of cats. Perhaps, a good idea for a future blog post.

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