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Instagram, one of the hottest rages on social media, A place to post your photographs with few words. A place to promote your work. Sounds like a good match for Paws for Reflection, who has spent years with photography. But wait. Not so easy. What’s all ths hasttag stuff? And what this? We can’t post from our laptop or desktop? Really.

Lenny is a handsome boy
Lenny is a handsome boy


Should Paws be using hashtags in our blog posts? Someone please respond and let me know.

A few weeks ago, I took on BlogPaws April challenge for Instagram, only to find all this out, the hard way. Somehow in trying to get Instagram onto my desktop, in came a deluge of crap from Microsoft. That was about the same time as the Heart Bleed scare, and Paws had to spend hours trying to get it fixed. Not happy.

While Paws welcomes new technology and new ways to share, we just wish it would be a little more user-friendly. Anyone here remember that word of old? We had to send out photos from the laptop to the tablet and then upload them, only to find the watermarks had been cropped and looked awful. Now there’s another way to watermark, specifically for Instagram and for mobile devises.

Paws is frustrated, but as we know we have to do, we keep pushing along. Here are some of our most recent Instagram postings.Come on over and check us out. We’d love to follow you as well.

What do you think of Instagram?  Have you shared similar experiences? What do you think about all the up and coming social media sites. For Paws, well, there’s only so much time in the day, and you have to pick and choose what will work for you.


Beautiful Siamese
Beautiful Siamese


Cat eating breakfast
Heck with this social media stuff. I want breakfast.


Paws mom & author, BJ with Lenny
Paws mom & author, BJ with Lenny

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  1. Kitty Cat Chronicles Avatar
    Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Just started following! We just joined Instagram a couple of weeks ago, so we are still learning the ins and outs. Haven’t figured out how to add watermarks with the phone yet, but it doesn’t seem like most people do. As for adding hashtags to your blog posts, I don’t know anything about that. Sorry :(

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