Siamese Cats Rock!

Wordless Wednesday: What beautiful blue eyes? He’s got Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman beat, that’s for sure.


Beautiful Siamese Linus was adopted from a shelter
Beautiful Siamese

What’s your favorite cat breed? Please share.

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6 responses to “Siamese Cats Rock!”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Very beautiful kitty! Those blue eyes are stunning. I think my kitties would be upset with me if I didn’t say that American Shorthair was my favorite breed (they are bot American Shorthairs). I love all cat breeds though.

    1. BJ Avatar

      All cats are beautiful – even though we may have our favorites.

  2. It's Dog or Nothing Avatar
    It’s Dog or Nothing

    I love this photo! Happy Wordless Wednesday 🙂

    1. BJ Avatar

      Thanks. He just has the most beautiful blue eyes.

  3. Sharon S. Avatar
    Sharon S.

    Beautiful cat, beautiful photo.

  4. Sparkle Avatar

    Love those baby blues!

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