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Cat stories, big & small, greet Paws’ mum at Summer Fest & all over

Kitty Little Yellow is thinking what can I do next?
Cat stories greet us where ever we go

People who have cats love to share cat stories, especially if they know you love cats as much, if not more than they do. So it was no wonder that Paws’ mom was greet with not just 1, but 3 stories while at a recent Summer Fest.

Paws’ Mom was looking for the Farmer’s Market which is usually in the Town Park. Instead she found lobster rolls, on sale. Having worked across the street some 5 years ago, we recalled how scrumptious these lobster rolls were, and just had to buy one. As I was looking for a table looked over to see a familiar face – Becky. She waved me over — ‘Have I got a cat story for you!’

She had moved from her house where she’d been for over 40 years. At 75 years of age, the mowing, snow blowing, roof racking, and stacking wood for the wood stove, plus paying someone to shovel the roof and repair the old antiquated furnace, even if one considered to go to Nortech Services, was just too much. Well, after 40 years, it did have a right to break down. It had done it’s time.

She had downsized and sod her home, moving into a much smaller apartment she found at canary wharf flats to rent. Only as she packed one endless box after another her precious yellow kitty marmalade became increasingly nervous. He didn’t seem to understand why the knickknacks he liked marking with his chin were disappearing. There were all these boxes. They were being stacked and still more things, books, blankets, cat toys were being put in these boxes and disappearing. The day before the move, Marmalade was determined to go outside, as he always did. Only he always returned. This time he did not.

He had witnessed the boxes and blankets to which he was accustomed getting packed away He did not like the changes (Cats don’t like change of any kind). As the packing continued, he became more disenchanted. As an indoor/outdoor cat, Marmalade would go out, but always return at night. When moving day came, there was no sign of Marmalade. Becky, beside herself, went to all her neighbors, giving hem her cell phone number, pleading with them to call if they saw any sign of her missing kitty. She had only moved less than 10 miles from the house, so she could make a quick return in the event there was any news. She and friend Ezra returned to scour the neighborhood. Hours and hours later there was still no sign of Marmalade.

Becky had assumed neighbors would listen to her pleas, but she heard nothing – until 31 days later. One of her neighbors called. She had seen a yellow cat that looked a bit like Marmalade earlier that morning. Becky was determined to find out if this could be her beloved kitty. She took a lawn chair and camped out in the woman’s driveway. Hours passed, and no cat. Then, could it be – there was a flash of a yellow tail. Becky starting calling. She could tell the cat was hiding behind a bush. She kept calling and talking. Finally the kitty peaked his head out from behind the shrub and looked at her. The cat was dirty, covered with ticks and terribly thin. He just looked at her frozen in time. And then he let out a blood curdling scream.

Scared and confused, the cat stayed put, and would not come to Becky, no matter how much she pleaded Finally she got down on the ground level. He walked up to her and let her pick him up. She had smartly put the cat carrier out beside the car. She immediately secured him in the carrier and rushed to the veterinarian. Thank goodness, she said, it was a Friday. What would I have done if it was a weekend?’

He was treated for fleas, ticks and weight loss. His skin just hung off him. He’d lost a ton of weight. The et guessed he must have gotten locked in a shed or a garage to have lost that much weight.

It’s taken some time for Marmalade to adjust to his new home, but with no more boxes and being surrounded by familiar bedding and toys, he’s settling in to his new abode, quite well But it’s an experience that he and his mom will likely remember a long time.

It was time to find the Farmer’s Market, which had been moved due to the Saturday festivities. I was looking for Sarah because I had 2 expired gift certificates for some yummy Angus beef that she had said I could still redeem. Upon seeing me, Sarah exclaimed, ‘I’ve got to tell you…My daughter just adopted the cutest kitten. The shelter is giving away kittens for free at the ell phone store right down the street. ‘Would you like to see him?’ Her daughter and grandchildren slowly opened the cardboard crate, and the cutest gray and white kitten with golden eyes peered up at me. Her daughter explains, ‘we always had older cats but now the kids are older, it’s time for a kitten – a bundle of joy and a pile of energy

I knew nothing of this festival when venturing to Farmington this morning. I actually had come down to hear a storytelling segment on ‘The Diary of a Cat and the Diary of a Dog. Jud L did a great rendition of the eager dog and the aloof, arrogant cat, detailing their totally different relationship with their humans.
The story was well worth the wait.

Paws finds humans love to share their cat stories – whether it be t work, a chance meeting on the street, a social event, or on a trip talking with complete strangers.

Here are just a few excerpts that I’ve heard while working at the call center – the job that helps me support my feline family.
– Nate was telling about cat playing with his tongue while sleeping. It moves – why not?
– Tony tells about his girlfriend’s cat who insists upon sleeping on his face – a nightly battle at that.
– Kathryn says his cat is developing litter box problems just to spite her (Paws knows better, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to correct her at work)

Keri always has a cat story to tell a fellow at lover. This time her 3 kitties had spent the night in the screened in porch. The cat had been constipated so she’d left out plenty of food and water. The next morning her other 2 cats went out to join him. They all turned up their noses at the water. Why? Keri wondered. Turns out constipated kitty had used the water as a big litter box. A big turd in the water told all. Just imagine. Did the water cure kitty’s constipation?

As cats move further into our hearts and homes, they are becoming more a part of the family. And I should be no surprise that people talk about their family, whether it be their kids parents or pets. Do you talk about your cats with your family, friends and complete strangers? Do you find their eyes glossing over as you tell the latest cat story? Please share your thoughts and your stories.

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