My Siamese is a true love
My Siamese is a true love

My cats are my true soul-mates. We spend hours entertaining one another, and there’s no doubt they love me as much as I love them, all 5 of them.

Today, Paws shares 10 ways to tell if your cat is your true soul-mate.

  1. You spend hours lovingly gazing at one another.
  2. You let your cat sleep on your face.
  3. Sharing dinner at the kitchen table or counter is an everyday occurrence.
  4. You can’t wait to see your cats when you are driving home from work.
  5. When you go shopping, you always stop by the cat section to buy kitty a new toy.
  6. You spend hours swapping cat stories with your friends.
  7. The time you’re not talking about your cat, you are talking to your cat.
  8. Half way through your vacation, you can’t wait to get home to see your cat.
  9. At night, you spend hours tossing and turning if there’s not a cat in your bed.
  10. On the weekend, you watch Netflix rather than going out to the movies so you can snuggle with your cat.

Is your cat your soul-mate? What special bonds to you have? Please share your thoughts and comments.




  1. Hahahaha! That all could have been 100% true for Oskar the Samoyed. He truly was my Soulmate and I miss him terribly to this day 5 years since he passed. Apart from the hours gazing lovingly at each other, all the rest are so true! Thank goodness I have enough crazy cat friends so that we can all laugh at ourselves 🙂
    Marty’s Mom

  2. I replied ‘yes’ to every single one of them. I actually just finihsed the first draft of a book about my cat Avalon, that’s how special he was to me. We both found a way to turn each other into better, happier and more grounded beings. If that’s not proof that we’re soulmates, than I don’t know what is 🙂

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