Tablets, apps & mobile phones great for some things, not so great for others

Conspicuously Absent: Tech issues and more
Technological issues slow down Paws' blogging efforts.

Kitty Lenny wants to play with Linus, the cat pictured on the tablet.
Kitty Lenny wants to play with Linus, the cat pictured on the tablet.
Tablets are great for certain things. They are small and compact making them ideal to take to a class of seminar to take notes on.

They are great to quickly check email messages because you can leave them out in very convenient places. The print is large enough so that us folks that need readers to see small print can easily read them. The keyboard is also easier to use to quickly compose a message.

You can carry them around and have easy access to your files, and even download a book or two to read when you are on the go.

Kitty Lenny checks out the tablet.
Kitty Lenny checks out the tablet.
Since I don’t have satellite service on my tablet, I do find that annoying. And from what I understand my Samsung Gallaxy3 does not have that capability.

I’ve had the tablet for about a year, but admit I’ve done little with it. It’s one more thing to have to figure out how to use, and well, time does get limited. But that changed when my laptop got bogged down with Adware, and I had to leave it with the Geek Squad for about a week. My backup computer had a broken screen so it also went to another computer shop for repair. I was left with only my tablet.

There’s a lot about the tablet that I really like. But there’s a lot I don’t like, or maybe I should say it’s the apps that I have an issue with.

It’s frustrating to have to re-learn very simple things. For one, if you go into Facebook through the internet, it looks just like on the laptop. However, if you go in through the app, there’s a part you can’t see. And navigation just is not all that easy.

And Twitter. That’s even worse. When I went in through an app, it insisted on setting up another account. I’ve spent 3 years getting almost 500 followers. I don’t want another account. If I go through the Internet, it does find my account.

It’s great for Instagram which  doesn’t work well with the laptop. I wish they’d change that because I shoot most of my pictures with a digital SLR, not with a camera phone. But once they are sent through email, it’s pretty easy to download and get them up to Instagram.

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    There’s no comparison on photo or video quality which leaves a lot to be desired, but there’s no doubt the phone is a lot easier to carry around than the heavy Nikon SLR.

    The tablet is great to carry around so that we can get an extra blog post done while on lunch break at work.

    While I love technology, (I wouldn’t be blogging without it) I find it frustrating to constantly have to learn something new. I’d rather be practicing my guitar or writing. But then again, I the guitar lessons are online, the writing is blogging, and the research is through the Internet.

    So I guess I’ll just have to spend more time figuring out how to better utilize the tablet so I eventually can master it. I see it as being a real-time saver for a very time challenged person. But I just have to take the time, moving it up on the priority list, to make it second nature.

    The cats don’t really like the tablet that well, either. But they do find a way to sit in the line of sight every time their human takes it out.

    What do you think of tablets and apps? Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology? Do you find yourself getting frustrated by always having to learn something new. Sometimes I feel like my head will explode with all this new-found knowledge. Please weigh in on the discussion and share your thoughts.

    BJ Bangs is an established journalist, photographer, and an aspiring author. She loves everything about cats, including writing about them.


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