Kitties Kitties face off in a stare downLittle Yellow and Lenny are thinking, what do we want for holiday gifts?

10 reasons my cats make me smile

Kitties Little Yellow and Lenny bring lots of smiles to their humans.
Kitties Little Yellow and Lenny bring lots of smiles to their humans.
Do your cats make you smile, or downright laugh out loud? Mine do. They are so funny – who needs TV. I can just watch them perform. They race, play, wrestle and do the darndest things. As last week marked National Smile Day, Paws is sharing some ways our kitties entertain us.

Here are 10 of my favorites that I thought I’d share, and maybe it will bring a smile to your face. We all need a little more levity in our lives.

1) Lenny races back and forth through the house, stops short, and goes careening across the hard wood floors until he finally stops.

2) When I put my shoes on every morning, I have a kitty trying to help me as he plays with the shoelaces.

3) When I get ready to take my shower, I have to scoop one or two kitties out of the bathtub.

4) I get home late at night to find my kitties anxiously waiting for me, and meowing at me until they get their midnight snack.

5) There are unplanned wrestling matches among the cats, and the contestants differ. They stand on their hind legs, and do body throws onto the floor till they tire of it, and move on to something else.

6) I have two, three, sometimes all five gather around me on the sofa when I’m having my morning coffee.

7) Did I mention, how they all seem to follow me into the bathroom every morning when I first get out of bed.

8) When I try to read a book or magazine, felines tend to take over and want my undivided attention.

9) When I make coffee, kitties are telling me, I want my breakfast first.

10) After breakfast, they retire to their various nap places. I’m jealous, but smiling, cause they look soooo comfortable.

Share your stories about how your cats make you smile. For me, I smile several times a day, thanks to the feline entertainment around the house. Please weigh in and share your stories.

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