Life’s a bitch, but it sure can be good

Kitty looking up to find out what's going on.
Yellow’s health improving.
Life’s a bitch, but it sure can be good.

Do you ever feel like is a vacuum, when one thing gets fixed, another breaks. One project is completed, and another stressful thing replaces it.

Why does it seem that when one problem ends, another happens? How many times have you heard someone say, it’s one thing after another. That’s life.

The car decides not to start. You get it fixed. The cat gets sick. You spend a fortune at the vet’s office. Then, the furnace goes out, and there’s no heat. You have to find the time to not just call, but be home for a repairman – only your full-time job doesn’t give you allowances for time to accommodate them.

A shed collapses, and you spend 6 months waiting for the insurance settlement. The agent left the policy listed in mom’s name, and you had notified them that she’d died 3 months earlier. Do you rebuild and hope the compensation is sufficient to cover the costs. A sick parent requires you to become more and more involved in their life.

Just when one thing is settled, another happens. A friend of mine told me, it’s the vacuum effect. When one thing is resolved, another happens. At Paws, we hope it’s all for the good.

My sister tells me I have the worst luck. That’s not really true. All of these nuisances get resolved. Some take more time than others. But they always, always get fixed.

Other than Yellow’s heath issues (and I should say he’s gotten much better, but he gets stressed really easy), the shed gets fixed, the insurance claim gets settled, the car gets fixed from the latest debacle.

Last night, I came home from work to hear a beep, beep, beep – no, the monitor wasn’t working. Thank goodness it isn’t sub-zero and February. The repair man may show up tomorrow, or the following day. We’d just cleaned up the garden spot this past weekend, and thought we were catching up. No way, says the vacuum.

Is this bad luck? It could have happened when I was on deadline working on a magazine article. I spend the month of September completing two pretty rigorous articles – but they sure did turn out good. Paws will let you know when they hit the news stand early next year. The monitor waited till that project was complete. There were no car problems while working on that project.

I call that some pretty good luck. Life happens. Except for Yellow, all 4 felines and me are healthy. It seems like money doesn’t go even half as far as 5 years ago. We push along and hope the vacuum is filled with good things, and less of the bad. And as Paws tries to post this blog post, it’s taking 3 times as long to connect to the server? Why? We’re in a hurry. Well, we know that answer, when you are in a hurry, Murphy’s Law (things will go wrong) will always drop by for a visit.

Do you often feel like it’s one thing after another? Do you believe in the vacuum effect? Please share your thoughts and your stories.

4 responses to “Life’s a bitch, but it sure can be good”

  1. Sharon S. Avatar
    Sharon S.

    I’m sorry you are having a rough time. Things around my house always seem to break in three’s. So if you’ve had 3 things that need to be fixed, you are probably DONE for a while and like you mentioned if your family is healthy, you are in pretty good shape. However, it’s healthy to occasionally rant at life too.

    1. BJ Avatar

      It does seem like when it rains, it pours. It’s always good to be optimistic, and it all works out for the best in the end.

  2. Carole Avatar

    It seems to me things can always be worse,I tell myself this and it really does help.I guess one could call it looking on the positive side of things.With 28 cats to feed and 10 of them to clean litter etc they do not allow me to ever give up!I feed 20 or so cats outside and allow them a warm place in basement in winter,(they can come and go) have two farms one next door one across the road,they will not spay or neuter and don’t bother feeding,so for 49 years I have done it.Have TNR helps with the spay neuter.I do worry now as I am 82 and really not sure how things are going when I am no longer here.Any way it keeps me hopping,have one I am nursing back to health right now,I use mainly Homeopathic ways.Also have two skunks coming to steal the cat food..and a crew of raccoons,cats learnt to hurry up and eat,as food may disappear …Do hope the string of problems are over for you,at least for a while.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Wow. You are really helping the ferals. Keep up the GREAT work. What would they do without us? They say life is about giving back. it sounds like you sure are giving back to help all these cats. Thanks for sharing.

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