Handsome kitties

Wordless Wednesday: Handsome kitties

Paws for Reflection is wordless today, and just takes some time out to look at these handsome, beautiful kitties.

Do you have days that you are just wordless, or speechless? Do you have days when you just don’t have much to say? Please share your thoughts and weigh in on the discussion.

Kitty looking up to find out what's going on.
Yellow’s health improving.
Siamese says thanks to all the cat writers for all these goodies.
Siamese says I’m a handsome cat

The Egyptian Mau is extremely active and agile.

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2 responses to “Handsome kitties”

  1. Connie Avatar

    I think sometimes a photo of a beautiful cat stands on its own.

    1. BJ Avatar

      Even just a picture can bring a smile to our face.

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