November: Adopt a senior citizen kitty during Senior Cat Month

Clyde never learned to hunt mice
Clyde never learned to hunt mice
November is Senior Pet Month, and while kittens are downright adorable, they are not necessarily a good match for everyone. Paws shares the household with two seniors, and they are just as special, as their junior cat-mates. Here, we share 10 reasons why you should adopt a senior cat.

1. They give you unconditional love.
2. Your curtains won’t be destroyed by kittens scaling to the top on a daily basis.
3. They’ll snuggle for hours in your lap.
4. As they are more docile, you won’t be tripping over them on your way to the bathroom.
5. You’ll get a good night’s sleep as they won’t be chasing after the latest ‘toy’ in your bedroom.
6. When you watch your favorite TV show, you’ll have a constant companion on the sofa.
7. It’s easier to determine an older cat’s personality, making it easier to select the ideal match for you.
8. They make wonderful companions and can become your ideal soul-mate.
9. As they aren’t quite as quick as the little ones, they are less likely to dart out the door causing your hours of heart-ache as you scour the neighborhood looking for them.
10. Their gazing eyes, captivating purrs, and again, unconditional love, make them special.

Paws has found no two cats are alike. They all have their own particular personalities. Like people, they may have similarities, but they are far from the same. We share our household with two senior cats, and one, well, he’s moving from mature adult to senior. Wow, how the years fly by. It was only yesterday that the seniors were adopted, but then again 2001 was 13 years ago.

Do you have a senior cat? Would you consider adopting a senior cat? Please weigh in on the discussion and share your stories.

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