Felines are finicky, but sometimes, they just surprise us with their choices. They love to sleep in boxes, play with paper towel holders, and yes, unroll the toilet paper. Here, my cat Lenny, abandons a nice cushy cat bed for a box, and seems happier than a cat in heaven.

Do your cats like to sleep in boxes? Do your cats like to play with anything that moves? Do you become disappointed when you spend a good chunk of change on something and your cat ignores it, only to play with the latest piece of cardboard or your latest black sweater you bought? Please weigh in on the discussion and share your thoughts.

Kitty Lenny loves sleeping in boxes.
Kitty Lenny loves sleeping in boxes.


  1. My human is thankful I have never discovered the joys of playing with rolls of toilet paper. Actually Binga is the only one who figured that one out. We like boxes, but we actually like real cat beds even more!

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