Ten reasons my cats are thankful on Thanksgiving & every day, well there are many My cats are thankful, at least I think they are, on Thanksgiving and every day. Here’s 10 reasons they share as to why.

Cats give thanks on Thanksgiving

  1. We get lots of love – all five of us.
  2. We get lots of treats – yum – mom even makes sure they are good for our teeth
  3. We have tunnels and boxes to run and hide in. When we get bored, mum switches them out for something different. Variety rocks!
  4. We even have kitchen cupboards that we can pen to hide and stay out of harm’s way if we feel the need.
  5. We have an endless supply of new toys – recently mum even bought us a huge catnip mouse.
  6. We get annual veterinary exams, sometimes more, whether we think we need it or not.
  7. We have soft pillows, sofas, and cozy comforters on which to snuggle.
  8. We have four siblings to play with, and if one is worn out, or not in the mood, there’s another one waiting in the wings.
  9. We each have our own room we can call our own with five downstairs. Our elder feline Clyde prefers taking over the upstairs by himself, and he gets to share mum’s bed every night – darn him….
  10. We are totally spoiled, and need we say, we have our human totally wrapped around our paws and tails.
Little Yellow, also known as Paws, finds all kinds of things to be amused with inside.
Little Yellow, also known as Paws, finds all kinds of things to be amused with inside.

** And as a bonus, we even find some mice that have ventured in from the outside – oh, what fun!

Are your cats thankful? What do you think they are the most thankful for? Please weigh in and join the discussion.


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