Tubby was only 18 months old when he died from FIP. These new guidlines would have helped the veterarians with his diagnosis.

#New Year’s Resolutions We Cats Just Won’t Do

Kitty Tubby looks absolutely handsome in his Santa hat.
Kitty Tubby has a whole list of New Year’s Resolutions that just won’t happen, no matter what.
Here’s ten things the kitties of this household say they won’t come up with for New Year’s Resolutions, no matter what their humans says.

1) Lose Weight. We like to eat and be lazy, snoozing in the sun. Weight loss just doesn’t fit with our plans. Mom – do as you like, but we like a little extra pounds around the midline.

2) Wash dishes. We will lick our bowls clean, and maybe our Mom’s, but that is it.

3) Clean up our hairballs. Yuck! Do you think we are our mother’s mother? Really!

4) Buy groceries. We’d have to walk all the way to the store, and we could only barter for our hunting prowess. We won’t buy any food, but we certainly will eat plenty of it. And while we’re speaking, let’s put together a list of goodies for Mom to bring home.

5) Sweep floors. We may swish our tail back and forth a bit, and we leave lots of hair behind – but we can’t help it! We’re cats. And CATS do shed.

6) Stop being Mom’s alarm clock – even when she doesn’t want us to be. It’s 3 am, and we’re bored. Mom, wake up. You can sleep anytime.

7) Greet the vet with a happy cat smile. Would you smile when they stick a thermometer up your (you know where), poke and prod at your whole body, and stick you with needles. Nothing to smile about here.

8) Enjoy taking a ride in the car. It’s noisy – that tire noise. And everything goes by so fast. Not. We prefer staying home where things go at our speed.

9) Stop chasing our siblings. They run, we chase. Isn’t that what’s being cat is about. Didn’t we just see something move. Let’s go – oh, what fun!

10) Give up our morning ritual of following Mom into the bathroom each morning. That way, she’ll know we’re expecting breakfast, like now – not later. And well, it’s our way of showing her just how much we love her. Luv ya, Mom.

That’s our no way resolutions for the New Year – our no way – give-up.

Do you have some New Year’s Resolutions that your feline family is sharing with you? Do you have some resolutions of your own? Please weigh in and join this fun feline centered discussion.

2 responses to “#New Year’s Resolutions We Cats Just Won’t Do”

  1. Summer Avatar

    MOL! We kitties are perfect – we don’t need resolutions!

  2. Sharon S. Avatar
    Sharon S.

    Your house sounds like a fun place for cats to live. Happy New Year.

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