Kitty Lenny looking up to see 'what's up there?

Kitty Lenny looking up to see ‘what’s up there?

My cats are just the best Valentines. They are my sweethearts. Here’s why?

1) They love me unconditionally. No matter what, they love their human mummy.

2) They don’t care if mummy has a headache. They still snuggle in mummy’s lap, hoping she’ll feel better.

3) They snuggle up with their human whether she’s sick with a cold, or celebrating with a glass of wine. They don’t care. They just want to be with their special friend.

4) They follow me around the house, making sure their human is well aware they are first and foremost on their human’s mind.

5) They do bathroom duty with their human, but their only comment is a Meow, which could mean most anything.

6) They don’t care what their human has made for dinner – just as long as they get their favorites.

7) They are everlastingly faithful. They don’t go straying looking for another, maybe more prosperous home.

8) They are glad to see their human return home, no matter if the glass of milk went careening into the middle of the floor when she was gone.

Yellow is thankful that his human loves him to pieces.

Yellow is thankful that his human loves him to pieces.

9) They don’t complain and wine that ‘things could be better’. They are always happy with what they have – lots of love, food, treats and more love.

10) They stick by their human year after year. We may get a little more portly, and a little more gray, but they don’t care, because we are their special human that they love, no matter what.

Are your cats the best Valentines ever? Do your cats love you unconditionally? How do your cats let you know that you are just the best? Weigh in on this fun discussion and share your thoughts.


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2 Responses to 10 Reasons my cats are the best #Valentines

  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    So true! Although our Spooky didn’t agree with number 7 being that we are his 3rd home on the neighborhood. I keep him inside now so he can’t change his mind about us.

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